SOL #31 Stories on the Fridge

We have these letters

On the fridge

Waiting to become words,

Waiting to form a story.

So every now and then,

We sit down and do.

We create.

We build words.

And, with those words,

We construct a story.

And so,

Here is our story for today.


Yay! I made it… even with two babies and a crazy teaching life. I am very proud, in this moment for capturing little life moments for the entire month.

Until next year, Slice of Lifers 🍊 ✌️ 💕


SOL #28 The Verdict Is…

After a very long day of teaching, getting final assessments in for the quarter and, cleaning up for the week off…

I am met with nothing but smiles from my littlest love, my Aurora Juliette.

And being so enamored with everything my littles do, I pull out my phone to capture the baby cuteness…

When, without a doubt, she says the words so bright and clear


And I nearly die of excitement.

The verdict is… MOM!!!

Two babies, two special moments of being their first words.

I cannot be grateful enough.


SOL #26 The Proposal 🌸

It’s the last day before Spring Break and, of course, I have door duty… and, of course, it is raining. It’s yet another to-do on this never ending teacher to- do list, but it must get done and someone’s got to do it.

As the kids are lining up and the bell’s about to ring, a student of mine yells to me across the lines of other students, “Mrs. Anderson!! Can you come here?”

I make my way over to the classroom line she’s standing on when, in a sudden burst of movement, she drops down on her one knee. Clearly, completely unnerved by the puddle below her.

In one fell swoop, she holds out mini flower, and says with all the confidence in the world, “WILL YOU BE THE BEST TEACHER EVER?”

I gasp at the abruptness and giggle at the sweetest of it all.

Her proposal has won my heart; and you can BET I said YES!


I was so fortunate to have my phone ready to snap a pic instantaneously; I can’t tell you how lucky I am to have captured a moment I’ll remember forever. 💕

SOL #23 Totally Prepared

Today I was frustrated, and I shared that with my 2nd class of 3rd graders, as I promptly took deep breaths.

A few empathetic students came up to me and offered their fidget toys and stress balls to help me calm down.

As time passed, one particular fidget remained on my desk, which just so happened to be a balloon filled with playdoh.

To be expected, another peer who is working on self-control, sees the prized fidget and starts playing with it, stretching it so much that part of the balloon rips open.

Shocked, he says sorry to me, but I direct him and his apology toward the kind student who lent me her fidget in the first place.

“Don’t worry!” she says to ease our minds, “I’ve been prepared for just this thing. I have another balloon in my backpack. Can I go get it?”

A laugh slips out. “Of course you are. And of course you can,” I giggle in amusement.

Moments later, she is carefully reconstructing her squishy fidget using the new balloon, while the other students participate in a “Statue Museum” brain break.

Another student announces that she is choosing not to play, and, of course, so does she as she chimes in, “I’m performing major surgery right now, so I won’t be joining either!”

I can’t help but laugh, and add on, “Yeah, a once in a lifetime surgery!”

She chuckles back to say, “Yeah, cause I won’t be doing this again soon! This is way too intense!”


This girl and her awesome quips. I’m so grateful for the laughter and amusement she brings into my day and I’m so lucky to be her teacher.

SOL #22 Happy

As we sit at the dinner table our toddler exclaims, “I’m happy!”

We all smile, grateful that the tantrum has subsided, even if momentarily and prod for more, “Yeah, buddy? How come??”

“Cause I love my family!” she says with the biggest grin.


My heart is full of happiness, especially in this moment, and all because of her.