SOL #19 Dinner

Dinner between friends.

Family with very big hearts.

Full bellies today.

A shout out to the incredible Escobedo family. 💕 Thank you for always having the biggest hearts and the most thoughtful actions.

!Muchas gracias! (*Side note: I’m bummed the upside down exclamation point isn’t on the Spanish keyboard… grr.).


SOL #18 Too Late, Too â€œFast”

Driving on my way home from my parents. It’s late, no, it’s too late, but I’m reminded of the sleep I get in my own bed compared to anyone else’s, so that keeps me going.

Barely down the road, I see the shadow of a car begin to follow mine.. so creepy at night and then it comes on like blue, red, and white fireworks in the night… 😒

Okkkayyyyy,” I say to only myself and my car. So I pull over like the lights tell me to do and await the looming answer to the question, “What did I do?”

A flashlight greets my eyes… and speaks to me, “Did you know you were speeding?”

“I… was?” I say actually shocked that this is the reason I’m being detained, so to speak.

“Yes, you were going 35,” states the police officer matter of factly.

“I’m sorry… ?” With only a hint of a question this time because… I’m pretty sure 30 is the speed limit???

After some painfully awkward small talk which leads with the officer pointing out the fake flowers in my car (that have been there since my wedding, because, hey, who doesn’t use their car as storage every now and then..) and ends with him questioning the spaghetti dinner I just spent with my family…

He walks away to deliberate and I wait the verdict…

And the piece of paper reads…

⚠️ WARNING. ⚠️

A momentary sigh of relief until I realize the paper gives his fib away and admits to me 34 was the actual speed I was driving in a 25….

You gotta be… #%*%€~%¥£ me!?!

I was pulled over for going 9 over?! Watch out guys, crazy woman on the lose! Nearly got my first ticket for DRIVING LIKE A MAD MAN. 🙄

But in all reality, I know you were looking for some drunk driver and it wasn’t me. You didn’t need to waste 11 minutes of the time I could have spent sleeping in my bed. And, sure, just for you, I’ll drive even slower. Now, please go catch the real bad guys.


SOL #17 Time Capsule

I love this blast from the past, the nostalgia overwhelms…

It Takes Two.

Reminiscing in the times, remembering how it felt to hear “Amanda” was one of the main actress’ names! That’s my name too!!

And to be one of the Olsen twins! Wow!

I’m just going to enjoy this little time capsule that Netflix has allowed me to unlock. 😊

SOL #14 Burned Brats

“What do you want for dinner?” my husband lovingly asks.

“I don’t know..” I mumble back. Then suddenly I regret my answer as I sit there in the couch.

My mouth begins to water as I envision the possibility, “Let’s make burned brats!” I say quickly so he doesn’t change his mind.

“Ooo you got me. The slightly crispy ones? ” he responds, “Yeah, let’s do that,” he says before I have a chance to speak.

I smile in return. He’s the best, puts up with my weird tastebuds, and understands me unlike anyone else -and I’m SO grateful. Gosh, do I love that man.

SOL #13 A Long-Awaited Invitation

I get the mail, per the usual, but instead of the boring monochrome tones of whites, blacks, and grays, a bright pink envelope grabs my eye.

I reach for it excited to see what’s waiting inside. “Who’s it from?” I wonder.

Of course, I should have known, my Grandma Joan. ❤️ My heart swells with love. She’s always sending us the frilliest of cards in the brightest purples and pinks, it’s basically her trademark.

Eagerly, I open the envelope to find the greasiest of surprises…

None other than a wedding invitation to my Grandparents’ wedding!!!

I jump up and down in immediate disbelief! I’m am just so thrilled for them! FINALLY!!! 🤗

Now, for a little background, let me explain. My Grandma divorced my biological Grandpa many decades ago, and she’s been with my Grandpa Bill ever since. Originally we just called him Bill, but this man has lived the part of Grandpa as far back as I can remember. In fact, I can’t remember a time he wasn’t my Grandpa.

We’ve waited so many years and although he’s already our family, I can’t tell you how excited I am to officially welcome him into ours!

Here’s to you, Grandma Joan and Grandpa Bill! 💕 A long-awaited dream come true!!!

SOL #12 Music Euphoria ðŸŽ¶

I like the tune and the rhythm underneath.

Sometimes I think I’m a Disney princess, sometimes I’m a duplicate Adele, other times I’m the smoothest rapper.

I love music. It drives my happy.

I’m especially happy when I let the music drive me down the road, 100 miles away, to wherever.

And suddenly, everything is euphoric.

Time and space doesn’t matter and everything is perfect.

This solitude moment, with the sun on my face and the music on my lips,


this is the reason I am alive.

SOL #11 Sunshine â˜€ï¸

Every morning, blazing hot or freezing cold, she’s there, the green-coated phenomenon.

With a sigh, I muster the energy to get up out of my driver’s seat and walk around to the passenger side to grab all my teachers bags. Before I look up, I smile to myself knowing what’s in store.

I swing my door closed and sure enough, there she is.

Hand raised above her head, ready to greet, to bring warmth on the coldest of days.

A warm wave and a BIG smile.

Every day, no matter what. She makes it a little easier to come to school bright and early, especially on those cold, frigid Mondays.

And though I couldn’t tell you her name, I can’t thank her enough for the sunshine she chooses to spread with a wave and a smile.

All appreciations to my Crossing Guard.

SOL #10 A Shout Out to My Co-Teach

I click open my browser and log in to check on my students’ blogs. They’ve been blogging even over the weekend and I have to say, I’m TRULY impressed!

Because I just logged in this morning to approve of comments (which my students are also doing -btw- little brag moment there :P), I was not prepared for what I saw…

Screen Shot 2019-03-10 at 9.24.23 PM

27…. 27 COMMENTS PENDING, ladies and gentlemen. Whoa! Someone went on a commenting spree!

So I click onto the little pending box and what do I see? 27 comments all done by Miss Maestra P, my amazing, wonderful, dedicated Co-Teacher.

And as I scroll through, and click approve on each comment, my smile spreads wider and wider. She loves these kids and so do I.

I am so lucky to have a partner, a Spanish counterpart, a colleague, a friend, like her.
Me and the students? Yeah, we got lucky this year. ❤ 

Miss Maestra P, you’ve found your calling. 🙂

SOL #8 The Inquirer

“Um, excuse me, I have a little question,” came a little voice from behind me as I’m stapling up our PBIS bulletin board in the main hallway.

Surprised by this question, I reply, ” Sure. What’s your question?” As I spin to face a younger student, clearly not my own, maybe 1st grade.

At this point I’m puzzled. I wonder if her question might be about the bulletin board I am currently putting up.

“Well… I was wondering if my cousin, he’s from the middle school… well, I was wondering if he could visit my classroom sometime??” The little girl asks while swooping her hair off her shoulder.

She shifts from side to side waiting for my permission.

I look at my PBIS partner who has just entered the hallway from the copy room, we share puzzled glances and then we both let this inquirer know she’ll just have to ask her teacher about it and get permission from her.

Then she firmly retorts, “I already did. She said it’d be okay.”

Now I’m beyond confused.. “Okay, well, maybe just talk to her about it? Okay? We think it’s a great idea!”

“Maybe he could read to your class or something, that’d be cool!” my partner chimes in.

Surprisingly she’s satisfied with our very reluctant, confused answers, and practically skips down the hallway back to her class.

A few moments pass between my colleague and I and I realize, “Oh! She probably thought I was our principal!”

This is a pretty common mistake many kindergarten and 1st grade students make at my school… short blonde hair.. wow! The things we have in common -so much! Haha Well, at least to a young kid, the hair is the only thing to make you basically be the other person!

At least this explanation makes so much more sense!

But what a funny interaction to lighten my day!