“The Who” Moment

It was wedding day. Not my wedding day, of course…I was much too young then. My cousin was getting married and we were all at her wedding reception celebrating alongside her.

So there we were on the dance floor at the reception…

“I love this!” screamed my younger sister, Brittany, over the music.

“Me too!” yelled my older sister, Melissa.

“Me three!” I laughed back.

Of course Joey was nowhere to be found. Unlike the three of us, Joey was apparently “too cool” for music and dancing like a fool. Mom and dad were off somewhere mingling with the many aunts, uncles, cousins, and in-laws.

But not us three girls, we could always be found where the music called us each by name. The upbeat hip-hop music continued on and so did our feet. Our bodies swayed in harmony with the rhythm, while our hands kept the beat.

Many of the wedding guests had long retired to their hotel beds. The numbers sharing the music and the dance floor were dwindling, but we didn’t mind, we just kept right along dancing and singing.

When suddenly, the music took an unexpected turn…

A song that we all knew and could sing by heart began to play.

“It’s only teeeeenageeee wasteeelannnddd,” sang the speakers.

My family’s eyes lit up,



one of them…my mom, dad, sisters, and brother.

In a moments notice, we were


on the dance floor: my dad banging on the air drums and our lungs wide for singing, while each of us spun the other in endless circles.

We all sang the words because they were the words of our hearts. They were our family words-our history, our happiness, our love for one another.

It was then that I noticed we were the only ones on the dance floor, just me and my family, all six of us wrapped up in this perfect moment of

Everything we were.

                                             Everything we could be.

                                                      Everything that made us


I kept thinking to myself that this moment was MADE for us.

Since then, I have put that moment in my mindcapsule[1] and pull it out whenever life gets hard because no matter what happens, no matter the roads we take or the miles apart, we’ll always know who we are and where our hearts belong:

together in our “Who” moment.

[1] mindcapsule: made up word for a “time capsule” in your mind

Drafting IRL

Hey there!

So I was writing my Tax guy about a predicament I found myself in when I realized I was real life drafting! I was almost TOO excited, that nerdy kind of teacher excited… if you’re a teacher, I’m sure you know the feeling.

Without giving too much away…hint, hint: READ THE LETTERS…I have included both my 1st draft, final draft, and cover to the letter.

Side note: if you can’t read my writing, just skip to the second letter (final draft) to get to the deets (that was for you Michelle).


Draft 1:

Image 2-18-16 at 9.35 AM.png


Cover of Letter:Tax Letter Outside.jpg


Draft 2 (Final Draft):Image 2-18-16 at 9.38 AM.png


I found myself writing more proficiently too. I was addressing audience more and adding in descriptive details-all thanks to Third Grade Writing Units of Study by Lucy Calkins! Teaching and writing alongside your students helps you become a better writer too!

I cannot wait to show this to my students. Drafting is beneficial even in real life! (I could have drafted a 2nd time too!) How fun!

What are some of your real life drafting experiences? Comment below!