Drafting IRL

Hey there!

So I was writing my Tax guy about a predicament I found myself in when I realized I was real life drafting! I was almost TOO excited, that nerdy kind of teacher excited… if you’re a teacher, I’m sure you know the feeling.

Without giving too much away…hint, hint: READ THE LETTERS…I have included both my 1st draft, final draft, and cover to the letter.

Side note: if you can’t read my writing, just skip to the second letter (final draft) to get to the deets (that was for you Michelle).


Draft 1:

Image 2-18-16 at 9.35 AM.png


Cover of Letter:Tax Letter Outside.jpg


Draft 2 (Final Draft):Image 2-18-16 at 9.38 AM.png


I found myself writing more proficiently too. I was addressing audience more and adding in descriptive details-all thanks to Third Grade Writing Units of Study by Lucy Calkins! Teaching and writing alongside your students helps you become a better writer too!

I cannot wait to show this to my students. Drafting is beneficial even in real life! (I could have drafted a 2nd time too!) How fun!

What are some of your real life drafting experiences? Comment below!


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