SOL Day #1 A Pudgy Kind of Day

These past days have been difficult to say the least..been sick and in the hospital, working non-stop on final evaluation artifacts, and had a student move away. 😦

I have to say, I was ready for the worst today, but surprised to find this happy *ding* in my pocket.

Zack and Pudgy.jpg

Needless to say, you never know how much cute puppy eyes and the smile of your best friend might make your day!


23 thoughts on “SOL Day #1 A Pudgy Kind of Day

    1. Me too! 🙂 His name is Pudge! Actually, your comment has made me think about my audience so much more! I didn’t truly realize my audience would be more than just my friends and they already knew my dog’s name (Pudge). So I can’t wait to show this comment to my Third Graders and let them know considering audience is ALWAYS important!
      Thanks for your unintentional help!


  1. How sweet to have a friend send you a smile while you are ill. I am sorry you are in the hospital. I hope you feel better soon. Tomorrow I will be looking for your post to see how you are doing.


  2. thecatharper

    Hello Teaching Bee,
    My typist told me you were in the hospital and that you have a cute photograph of a dog. I am a cat. A cat who writes.
    I hope you feel better soon. The dog is really cute.
    Love Harper


    1. A cat that writes?! Sounds incredible! Cats hold a special place in my heart.
      I’m feeling much better already, especially after this discovery of a writing cat!
      Pudge is a cute little one, isn’t he?

      Thanks for your kind words, Harper!


      1. thecatharper

        Hello again Teaching Bee,
        Is that really your name?
        I write at: Pamela Hodges is my typist. She told me you weren’t feeling well. Pudge is adorable. Maybe he is really a cat. Hey, I just read you have a fiancee! Congratulations.
        Love Harper
        Do you like to color? My typist made a coloring book of drawings of rescue cats.

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      2. Hey there, Harper!
        I thoroughly enjoy this conversation! Do you know I am also friends with a cat on Facebook? He has a typist too…actually a few. This amuses me greatly.
        Teaching Bee is not my name, silly. My name is Amanda. 🙂
        Sometimes I think he is a cat…I mean, he does sleep on my fiancee’s shoulders!
        Thanks for the congratulations!
        P.S. I definitely do!


    1. I was just wondering the same thing with my fiancee. They make us just through such difficult hoops…it’s exhausting. It just feels like we’re always trying to prove we’re good enough, year after year, and are worried that we won’t have a job the upcoming year. For other jobs it seems it is assumed you will be there unless otherwise mentioned. 😦 Somehow it doesn’t seem fair.

      And thank you!

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