SOL Day #3 A Dr. Suess Memory

Yesterday was Dr. Suess’ birthday. In class we celebrated by reading our favorite books around the room all reading block, which meant I got to read too! It’s really great being an Elementary Teacher, especially on days like these!

Anyway, the day got me thinking about my childhood and celebrating Dr. Suess day. My mom was literally the best. She drew a Cat in the Hat on a t-shirt for all us kids to wear on that special day. Oh, how we LOVED that t-shirt! We wore it years later, even on non-Dr. Suess birthday days. 🙂

Just a nice little way to reminisce.

Did I mention my mom is extremely creative and very artsy? This was no ordinary Cat in the Hat t-shirt, it was homemade and drawn with lots of love!

I have so much to thank Dr. Suess for… Green Eggs and Ham, the first book I remember reading on my own…and running around to prove to everyone just how fast I could read it, the memories reading books with my mom and siblings, and, of course, that t-shirt made of love.



6 thoughts on “SOL Day #3 A Dr. Suess Memory

  1. macrush53

    How cool your Mom made you a shirt. Great memory to have. I always share the Dr. Seuss books from my childhood, Yertla the Turtle and The Cat in the Hat.


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