SOL Day #4 Love via Text

My dad works in the same area I do and we share the same tax guy. I’ve been doing my taxes through my dad’s tax guy for a while, so I guess he just assumed I’d want my taxes sent to where my parents still live (but I definitely do not).

My dad, out of kindness, picked up the taxes from the post office and dropped them off at school. I only have 15 minutes to eat on Fridays since I have taken up Lunch Duty…not to mention no planning time on Fridays either. 😦 Anyway, after sharing a quick hug and hello, I got another happy *ding*…

Screen Shot 2016-03-04 at 9.21.47 PM.png

If you knew my dad, you’d know how monumental this is. Sometimes it takes years to realize it and even longer for him to show it, but I know there has always been love there…even if it’s been buried deep down.

Love you so, Daddy Joe! 🙂


13 thoughts on “SOL Day #4 Love via Text

  1. Oooohhhhhh so sweet! What wonderful words he shared with you today. I think that the words mean more because they aren’t spoken often. Does that make sense at all?


  2. How sweet.
    Your little slices are like a good piece of pizza. Not the whole pizza, but a well thought out small glimpse into your life.
    I love what your father said. 🙂
    I wonder what a teacher looks like? How wonderful he noticed.
    (And you are feeling better now? Back at work. You had me worried with your first post)

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  3. thecatharper

    Hello Amanda,
    Wow, you are so lucky to be a teacher. I am just learning how to read. Right now Mrs. Hodges reads to me. I can read “Hop on Pop” by myself now, but I really want to read chapter books.

    Your daddy sounds really nice.

    What does a teacher look like. My teacher is a dog. Martha is teaching me to read. Mrs. Hodges tries to help, but she is often too busy cleaning the seven litter boxes.
    Love Harper


    1. Harper,
      I am VERY lucky to be a teacher. It is my heart’s work. “Hop on Pop” is not bad at all!
      He’s pretty nice, when he wants to be. 😛
      I guess a teacher looks like put-together, business casual, and friendly? I’m not quite sure exactly. Hard to describe! You’d have to go out and see it for yourself or ask Mrs. Hodges to google search some normal teacher pictures (not those cliche’ ones).
      Seven litter boxes is a lot! POOR WOMAN!
      Until Next Time,

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  4. llsmiles

    I got chills with your last line. Chills. So powerful Amanda that you realize your daddy’s love in the ways he expresses it. And probably you know that despite how much he loves you, it might be hard but he does it anyway because you are so worth it.

    I love that you showed a picture of the text!


  5. cmargocs

    What a sweet reminder of a parent’s love, especially when it’s not shown that way often. Thankful for screenshots to immortalize the moment!


    1. Eeee! Thank you! 🙂
      Well, my mom always called him Daddy Joe when we were little and ICE stands for “In Case of Emergency”.
      So if someone were to crack my phone, they’d know who to call!


  6. See, there’s a sweet side to doing taxes! 🙂 Love this slice. I imagine your Dad’s heart swelled with pride at seeing you in action. I would feel the same, if I had the opportunity to see my sons at work. Thanks for sharing!


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