SOL Day #7 A Little Reflecting, A Little Purging

Today is as my title reads.

A little reflecting, a little purging…

Today I’ve been very reflective about myself and my well-being. I feel as though my mind has become sharp again as the warm weather moves in. I think better under sunshine conditions. This winter in particular has turned my mind and happiness gray, so it’s lovely to defrost myself.
I’ve been contemplating my ability to replicate. What I mean by this is, I can duplicate what I see and feel because I am so detail-oriented. For instance, I can give a killer massage to my fiancee’ because I paid attention to the masseuse when I received my five-minute back massage. I constructed my first chalk painting based on the composition of another (it was a larger replica of an original), because I noticed every curve and detail…but when have I taken time to create something of my own accord? Am I too nervous? Too cautious? Too exposed?
I fear I am becoming a duplicate. I need to branch out and be my own example.


Today was also a day I conquered the purging of things.
My fiancee’ and I are currently looking for a place of our own… I find myself SO ready for this move that I have begun sorting through all belonging nooks and purging what is no longer needed.
I have always been the sentimental type, towards inanimate objects too. Purging has never been an easy thing-actually, it was NEVER a “thing” in my life. NEVER did I do it willingly. I think I am moving in a different direction of my life, a grown-up world where I am learning to let go of things less important than moments before me.
At the end of the purging, I am left feeling clean and refreshed…
and my areas are neatly sorted, hold all that I want and need, and are ready for a move any moment now!


All directions of reflection and purging are taking me to new heights. I can feel it.
Today was a good day.


8 thoughts on “SOL Day #7 A Little Reflecting, A Little Purging

  1. Nice post. you could separate it into 3: the uplift you feel in the sunshine season, the reflection about originality, and the new-found motivation to purge and start your new life with your fiance afresh.


  2. macrush53

    Purging is good. We just downsized last year and purging was involved. In our new place, I am really thinking about what to put on the walls. More intentional. Self reflection reminds us to be self compassionate.


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