SOL Day #8 My Mess and I’m Happy

The puppy toys are out of place, but the puppy’s happy.
There are books on the floor, but our brains are happy.
The kitty food is everywhere, but the kitties are happy.
The dishes are piled high, but our tummies are happy.
There is toothpaste on the sink, but our mouths are happy.
There are gym clothes on the ground, but our bodies are happy.
There are controllers here and there, but the fiance’s happy.
The blankets are a mess, but we sleep happy.
There are coffee stains on the table, but our mornings are happy.

Despite the mess, despite the chaos, we are happy.

There are papers in the turn-in bin, but my hard-workers are happy.
There is grass and dirt on the floor, but my future scientists are happy.
There are colored pencils laying around, but my future artists are happy.
There are manipulatives on the rug,  but my future mathematicians are happy.
There are chapter books on the ground, but my future editors and authors are happy.
There are maps lying about, but my future historians are happy.
There are pencils on the ground, but my future writers are happy.

Despite the mess, despite the chaos, we are happy.


13 thoughts on “SOL Day #8 My Mess and I’m Happy

  1. Kathleen Neagle Sokolowski

    Sounds like my classroom! I wrote a post today about the Clean Up Captain saving my sanity! LOL. I like the point of your poem, though, that it is the work that is being done that counts, not the way things look from the outside.


    1. Thank you…so glad you noticed! That is PRECISELY the point I was trying to make. My classroom setting might not be perfect, but my students are learning and are happy! To me, that is what’s most important.


  2. What Kathleen said, and definitely what I try to remind myself everyday. I’m okay, you’re okay!

    This one deserves to be printed out and taped to my mirror! Bravo!!


    1. You’re always so encouraging! Thank you! I think Jennie and I appreciate and become the mess too. Hahah. Everything’s good in moderation, but when we have blinders on, we tend to forget the important things, like the fact that the students are learning.


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