SOL #15 My Sister: An Acceptable Citizen

Today is voting day. I feel very strongly that you should not complain about who wins unless you attempt to do something about it.

I will not accept the definition of a “lazy American” who cries at the winner, but doesn’t move his feet in the other direction. In my opinion, you have no leg to stand on.

Sure, a lot can be said for the feeling that your one vote doesn’t matter due to the process, but, nonetheless, a vote is an attempt. And an attempt is all we ask for. If everyone had the mentality that their “vote didn’t matter”, the only votes that would be cast would be for a president the majority would not desire. I was NOT about to let this happen.

SO, with this in mind, I drove out an hour and thirty minutes to go vote. My fault for not re-registering to vote in a new location, but I wasn’t about to risk not voting. A little driving couldn’t hurt me.

After voting in my parent’s hometown, I asked how to switch precincts and voting places, I also asked about where/how to register to vote because my younger sister claimed she was interested in voting, but didn’t know anything about the process. On this note, it is truly unfortunate that the people of my generation do not know how or where to find information about voting. Don’t get me wrong, it’s no walk in the park, but it is much worth the work. This information should also be easier to find and understand, but we’re getting off the point…

Anyway, the very nice lady informed me that my sister could still register and vote today! All we had to do was go to an alternative location, the Administrative Office, and she would be able to vote for someone other than…that horrific man (he who shall not be named).

Then, after about an hour and a half standing in line and registering, she was able to vote!

On this day, I helped my sister become an acceptable, honorable citizen: a citizen that doesn’t just stand around and complain, a citizen that votes!

I hope you voted too.



8 thoughts on “SOL #15 My Sister: An Acceptable Citizen

  1. macrush53

    Thank you for voting today. And helping your sister to vote as well. It’s so interesting how states have different requirements. I totally agree that you can’t complain if you don’t vote. I think someone once said that we get the leader that we deserve or something like that.

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  2. i’m so glad you were able to help your sister register and to vote, and so glad you’re living in a state that still has same-day registration and voting. Too many states are eliminating that, to reduce the number of voters — their claims that it’s to prevent fraud are ludicrous since the incidence of voting fraud is extremely low. And I do totally agree with you that people who don’t vote give up their right to complain about who wins. I’d been voting for about 15 years before someone I voted for actually won (governor of my state). It was such a strange and exhilarating feeling. I hope your sister keeps on voting.


    1. We were definitely very lucky. Apparently, according to the volunteer voter lady, they have never had same-day registration in the past, so we were extremely lucky!
      Way to keep at it though! It’s a part of staying with your moral for that long even when they don’t get into office based on the majority votes.


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