SOL #16 Underwear Buttons

Buttons! Underwear buttons? What were they thinking?

So it goes with many “old” sayings, many of them fail to make sense in today’s world. Most of the sayings, however, I am well acquainted thanks to a very repetitive dad of mine.

…But this one…this one threw me!

I was speaking with my colleague, mostly rambles, I might add, and I had lost my train of thought, yet again.

“Soooo… soo….” I stammered.

“Sew buttons on your underwear!” she chimed in.

“Ummm, what?!” was all I could manage. What a weirdo!

Apparently it’s a thing. And of course, she just had  to follow up the conversation two days later by giving me buttons for my underwear. Haha.

She’s a hoot, that one.


I’m still a little baffled by the saying, I must admit. Any ideas?


8 thoughts on “SOL #16 Underwear Buttons

  1. I’m not sure where it comes from, but I grew up hearing it often after someone would say’ “Sooo.” I’ve also heard people say “We-ll,” and someone would say, “Well that’s a deep subject.” Little pieces of conversation that maybe just fill the gaps?


  2. This is hilarious and yet an utterly confusing saying all at the same time! I want to Google it, but I’m at work and I think that would probably be ill advised…


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