SOL #17 Nothin’ but a Wee Bit Irish!

The third grade team decided to be a little festive today…

St. Patty's Day Teachers Little Hats.jpg

we wore little hats!

So grateful to be in a school that allows and encourages the celebration of holidays like this one!

The kids LOVE it too!It certainly makes the days very memorable for both teachers and students. Why not have some fun with it!?

What are some fun holiday things you do in your classroom?? Cause you know I’d love to hear about them! 😛

Wishing you all lucky on this day!



9 thoughts on “SOL #17 Nothin’ but a Wee Bit Irish!

  1. Alice Nine

    Who doesn’t love a celebration… even a little one, right? And in the classroom, I think it’s a great way to learn about traditions, heritage, history of all the lands and peoples who make up our land of immigrants and descendants. Your little green hats are darling. Oh, to do? Read some limericks. Try writing your own. See my tweet with Ogden Nash’s flea and fly.. @jcsnine


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