SOL #20 Marrying is a Tough Job

Yes, I’m young, 23 to be precise. Yes, I’m getting married..and it seems TOO soon for a recent graduate and a teacher, since both of these equate to low income …but I’m in love and am dying to be married. I always have been. ❤

My fiancé and I have been together for over five and a half years and have been in love since the day we met, 10 years ago. Marriage and a wedding was always in the cards for us.

So now, we’re finally engaged and preparing to get married anddddd…
I am fffffreaaakkinggg outt!!

Planning a wedding is SO much work and a lot of money! I don’t know where to begin, well, I do…but I don’t, really. 😦

I have a wedding planning binder, hooked on every sight, have sent emails to potential venues, photographers, bakers…yikes!

It is easy to say I am STRESSED OUT.

The date is for October 2017, hopefully October 7, 2017…and it’s creeping up slowly on us, along with all the wedding questions from friends and relatives.

If you have any advice for this tense, teaching to-be bride, that would be very much appreciated!


deep breaths. deep breaths. deep breaths.


8 thoughts on “SOL #20 Marrying is a Tough Job

  1. What an exciting – and stressful – time. How wonderful to be planning your wedding, but they surely don’t make it easy. The only advice I have has is to hold onto what has brought the two of you to this point though all the busyness. I’m sure the day will be all you hope it will be.



    1. Exactly! It’s like exciting and stressful in a big, giant ball!! haha. 🙂
      Yeah, as a kid you always dream of your wedding, but never imagine the logistics behind it. It surely is daunting.
      I really hope so!
      Thanks for words of encouragement!


  2. rosecappelli

    Planning something of that magnitude is daunting! It’s been a long time since I planned a wedding (I’ve been married for 38 years!), but I recently spent two years planning our state’s reading conference – speakers, authors, exhibitors, events, etc. My one piece of advice – remember that your wedding should (and will) be a joyful time. And although it will be gone in the blink of an eye, it will be something you will always remember. It won’t be perfect, things will go wrong, but it will be a celebration of love. So when the planning gets too stressful, back off a little.Enjoy the journey as well as the event. Congratulations!


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