SOL #21 In with the Old

So although I missed the cutoff for the Eastern Pacific whatever time.. I still feel the need to blog. Isn’t that the goal?! 🙂

My friends got me hooked, yes. Haha.

Anyway, I went back to some of my old ways, which, hey, might be a good idea!

Back  in high school, I was in Track and Field. I did a lot of sprinting and jumping. I was also in Volleyball, libero (if you don’t know what that is, it’s the back-row position, where you constantly sprint back and forth, stop suddenly, and dive to the floor). I was in Softball for a season too, but I guess the first two will help you see the point – I was VERY active and also EXTREMELY hard on my shins.

I’m what you call a pusher. (Slight reference to Mean Girls, yes. :P) I push myself harder than I need to and my biggest critic is myself. I have the utmost expectations for me, which has put me into this predicament of shin-hurting pain, always.

Anytime I become more active regularly (mostly running, I must admit), my shins start killing me! Probably part of the pushing-myself-too-hard-thing.

So now, this very second, this very moment I am “ice-bucketing”. Let me explain for those of you that are not sporteers. I have a giant bucket, full of ice water and my legs, up to my knees, are resting inside for a frigid, frozen twenty minutes.

It actually helps, believe it or not, and you get used to the feeling if you do it regularly, but this girl hasn’t done it in approximately six years. WHOA!

I’m not old, but I’m definitely not feeling young right now.

So right now, I’m watching Gilmore Girls, eating sandwiches, blogging, and petting my dog trying to distract myself from the numbing of my toes. AHHH!

I hope the ice-bucketing works and gets me back to my physical fitness days.

Here’s to hoping! 😛


4 thoughts on “SOL #21 In with the Old

  1. rosecappelli

    I remember having shin splints when I tried running for a time. Very painful. It always feels good to be active, so I hope the ice bucketing works for you. Keep writing!


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