SOL #25 Let’s give It a Try

Today I’m posting past the deadline, but hey for me, it’s still March 25th.

Besides, I tried on wedding dresses today for the first time ever!!

It was a lot of fun, and also a lot of hassle…getting the dresses on and off, but mostly because I swimming in all of them!

They were all at least two sizes too big!

Some looked really great on and had potential, but it even the really beautiful ones needed to be tried on in MUCH smaller sizes to get the effect.

For my first wedding-dress-trying-on session, I think it went pretty successfully.

My mom and two sisters were there too, which made it all the more memorable, of course. I love them guys.

Mom and Me Trying on Wedding Dresses.jpg

No worries, this is NOT the dress! I still have to choose one! 😛

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