SOL #27 Rainy Day Walks with My Sweethearts

Already today has been an eventful day!

My fiancé and I went out for brunch with his family. Planned for later, we are heading over to my family’s for some linner or dunch (lunch/dinner 😛 ).

So he’s getting a nap in, because as they say…Introverts.png

and this is so, so very true.

I decided to take Pudge (my dog, if you haven’t read my past posts) on a walk. I invited my niece along too.

Unfortunately, Mother Nature doesn’t always agree and it began to drizzle. That wasn’t about to stop us!

We grabbed our umbrellas, and away we went!


Rainy Day Walks with My Sweethearts 2.jpg


Credit for the picture goes to the future mother-in-law.
We ran into her and my future sister-in-law on their way back from the store. So happy they captured the moment because it turned into a pretty cool picture. 😛

6 thoughts on “SOL #27 Rainy Day Walks with My Sweethearts

  1. Rita K.

    That’s a great picture. Your post reminded me of the advertisement where the Grandma and kids don their boots and slickers to play in the rain. They don’t let the rain stop the fun and neither did you.


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