SOL #20 Marrying is a Tough Job

Yes, I’m young, 23 to be precise. Yes, I’m getting married..and it seems TOO soon for a recent graduate and a teacher, since both of these equate to low income …but I’m in love and am dying to be married. I always have been. ❤

My fiancé and I have been together for over five and a half years and have been in love since the day we met, 10 years ago. Marriage and a wedding was always in the cards for us.

So now, we’re finally engaged and preparing to get married anddddd…
I am fffffreaaakkinggg outt!!

Planning a wedding is SO much work and a lot of money! I don’t know where to begin, well, I do…but I don’t, really. 😦

I have a wedding planning binder, hooked on every sight, have sent emails to potential venues, photographers, bakers…yikes!

It is easy to say I am STRESSED OUT.

The date is for October 2017, hopefully October 7, 2017…and it’s creeping up slowly on us, along with all the wedding questions from friends and relatives.

If you have any advice for this tense, teaching to-be bride, that would be very much appreciated!


deep breaths. deep breaths. deep breaths.

SOL #19 Real Life Problem Solving

Another proud moment in my Third Grade class.

I try to foster a community of problem solving for my students. Often when they come up to me with an issue, I ask, “What did you do about it?” or “What did you say to ___?”

This encourages students to first attempt to problem solve on their own and then seek adult as a backup.

On Friday, I saw these problem skills in action! One student came up to me and asked if her and three of her friends could take time to talk because they needed to “talk it out” and “figure it out” together.

Of course, I said yes! So as I was conferencing with another student for extra help on homework, I watched this meeting in the back of my room unfold.

How amazing!

They never once came to me with their problem..and by the end of the day, they were all smiling and getting along!

I guess you could say that Friday was full of proud moments like this one. 🙂

SOL #18 Writing was like a Fairy Tale…

In writing we are currently working on Fairy Tale Adaptations.

I just have to say that my students impressed me their imagery, craft, and creativity!

No better way to capture it than by linking the videos from on my twitter page because you just have to hear it for yourself!


In other words, writing was like a Fairy Tale today in 3K! ❤

SOL #17 Nothin’ but a Wee Bit Irish!

The third grade team decided to be a little festive today…

St. Patty's Day Teachers Little Hats.jpg

we wore little hats!

So grateful to be in a school that allows and encourages the celebration of holidays like this one!

The kids LOVE it too!It certainly makes the days very memorable for both teachers and students. Why not have some fun with it!?

What are some fun holiday things you do in your classroom?? Cause you know I’d love to hear about them! 😛

Wishing you all lucky on this day!


SOL #16 Underwear Buttons

Buttons! Underwear buttons? What were they thinking?

So it goes with many “old” sayings, many of them fail to make sense in today’s world. Most of the sayings, however, I am well acquainted thanks to a very repetitive dad of mine.

…But this one…this one threw me!

I was speaking with my colleague, mostly rambles, I might add, and I had lost my train of thought, yet again.

“Soooo… soo….” I stammered.

“Sew buttons on your underwear!” she chimed in.

“Ummm, what?!” was all I could manage. What a weirdo!

Apparently it’s a thing. And of course, she just had  to follow up the conversation two days later by giving me buttons for my underwear. Haha.

She’s a hoot, that one.


I’m still a little baffled by the saying, I must admit. Any ideas?

SOL #15 My Sister: An Acceptable Citizen

Today is voting day. I feel very strongly that you should not complain about who wins unless you attempt to do something about it.

I will not accept the definition of a “lazy American” who cries at the winner, but doesn’t move his feet in the other direction. In my opinion, you have no leg to stand on.

Sure, a lot can be said for the feeling that your one vote doesn’t matter due to the process, but, nonetheless, a vote is an attempt. And an attempt is all we ask for. If everyone had the mentality that their “vote didn’t matter”, the only votes that would be cast would be for a president the majority would not desire. I was NOT about to let this happen.

SO, with this in mind, I drove out an hour and thirty minutes to go vote. My fault for not re-registering to vote in a new location, but I wasn’t about to risk not voting. A little driving couldn’t hurt me.

After voting in my parent’s hometown, I asked how to switch precincts and voting places, I also asked about where/how to register to vote because my younger sister claimed she was interested in voting, but didn’t know anything about the process. On this note, it is truly unfortunate that the people of my generation do not know how or where to find information about voting. Don’t get me wrong, it’s no walk in the park, but it is much worth the work. This information should also be easier to find and understand, but we’re getting off the point…

Anyway, the very nice lady informed me that my sister could still register and vote today! All we had to do was go to an alternative location, the Administrative Office, and she would be able to vote for someone other than…that horrific man (he who shall not be named).

Then, after about an hour and a half standing in line and registering, she was able to vote!

On this day, I helped my sister become an acceptable, honorable citizen: a citizen that doesn’t just stand around and complain, a citizen that votes!

I hope you voted too.


SOL #14 I hope that someone sits with you

I hope that someone sits with you
when you’re feeling lonely or sad
when you’re angry or mad.
I hope that someone sits with you.

I hope that someone sits with you
when you feel like there’s nothing left
and emptiness is your best friend.
I hope that someone sits with you.

I hope that someone sits with you
when you’re too young to make a decision
and too old to start new.
I hope that someone sits with you.

I hope that someone sits with you
when you don’t feel like trying
but you won’t quit.
I hope that someone sits with you.

I hope that someone sits with you
when you feel like time’s up
and you’ve got nothing left to give.
I hope that someone sits with you.

I hope that someone sits with you
when your eyes are leaking
and your brow’s furrowing.
I hope that someone sits with you.

I hope that someone sits with you
when you blink a new tomorrow
and gaze beyond the dark.
I hope that someone sits with you.

I hope that someone sits with you
when light creeps in
and your heart rises with hope.
I hope that someone sits with you.

I hope that someone sits with you
when you have fresh eyes
and an anxious heart.
I hope that someone sits with you.

I hope that someone sits with you
when you’re ready to start over
and need a guiding hand.
I hope that someone sits with you.

I hope that someone sits with you
when you need that final push
to remember who you are.
I hope that someone sits with you.


I hope that someone sits with you
like you sat with me.


For my dear friend, Gissel Escobedo.



Day #13 Why I was Made According to a Third Grader

We were having “Passion Hour” on Friday with my Third Graders. Passion Hour is our adapted version of Genius Hour, which is practically the same thing, but with a different title.

In essence, students get to choose what passion they’d like to explore and research more about it. The goal is for students to come up with their own research question, which should not be answered with a “yes” or “no”, have it approved by me, do the research, and then present it to their classmates in a format of their choosing.

We were in the beginning stages of choosing our research questions, when one of my students jokingly said they wanted to research me! Hah!

My student said, “Let’s research why was Miss Kriegl made?!”

He immediately answered his own question by exclaiming, “I know, TO TEACH!”

His peers all agreeing enthusiastically with shouts of, “YES!” and “Yay!” and “I agree!”

So there you have it friends, the reason I was put on earth, why I was made, why I am alive, is to teach. I wouldn’t have it any other way. 🙂

SOL #12 The Day I missed…

I’m feeling rather guilty. In this challenge I was determined to slice for every single day… but I’ve forgotten. 😦

Yesterday I barely made it through the day, stayed later to clean and straighten the room-classroom that is, and then I just plopped onto the couch.

The sickness got to me. For the rest of the night it was all Zzzzzs!

So here I am feeling a little guilty and a little mad that I didn’t blog yesterday. I mean, completely and utterly forgot.

And here I sit blogging about not blogging.


Not too much interest here. Carry on, folks!

SOL #10 Whoops…there’s the Locker!

I usually keep it together when a student does something silly-not always, but usually.

Today, was not one of those days.

A student that typically has issues staying in line, “one right behind the other”, as I always tell them, was not walking in line again at the end of the day –GO FIGURE!

I went to remind him when -BAM-! He slammed into a locker because not only was he not in line, but he wasn’t looking where he was going!

And then came out the laugh that I could NOT hold in! He was chuckling too and so were his classmates. Whoops!

I followed up with, “That’s why we walk right behind the other, right _____?!” Ha ha!!

Luckily, I have developed a very close relationship with my students, so I know which students can handle sarcasm and laugh at mistakes; he was one of those students.

I hope he learned his lesson. It’s unfortunate that it had to be the hard way… literally!