Currently (A Late Day)

According to my natural habits, I am late to posting about this topic. I am writing for my friend, Michelle’s blog, BigTimeLiteracy. Check it out if you don’t know about it. She’s an amazing literacy coach, an awesome friend, and an even better writer! Hey, that’s what you get when “words” is your love language, right, Gary Chapman? 😉

Anyway, the first day asks us to write what we are “currently” listening, loving, thinking, wanting, needing, and hoping/ truth-ing, if you will. Apparently the “currently” idea was derived from “Oh Boy… It’s Farley!” Blog, which I know very little about and have linked it here for you to check it out for yourself!

So, without further ado…


At the moment, I am obsessed with listening to a playlist on Spotify known as “Mood Booster”. I’m really into upbeat songs, especially now that it’s summer and I can jam with the windows down, hair tangling in the wind, and music turned up. 🙂 Not all the music on the list is my fav, but some are definitely worth the mood booster, if you know what I mean? 😉

Mood Booster.jpg


My little frenchie. He’s literally the best, so I’m going to apologize in advance for my non-stop talk about that little dude. He’s the cutest, cuddliest, friendliest, most loving dog I’ve ever met. At night he sleeps in between my fiancé’s legs. In the morning, he wakes me with little paws to the face, stretches, and playful nibbles. At potty time, he waits for commands and follows me without a leash, collar, or fence. He “adventures”, while I read and has reawakened my love for nature, calm, and contentment in the quiet. After our outside time, we stroll to the front yard and chase each other, but he never goes far without my permission. At playtime, he huffs, puffs, grunts, and snorts with his silly scrunched nose. During relaxation time, he plops next to me, on top of me, or as close as he can get to me until I move to an alternative place. He walks by my side and follows me, like I am his best friend and he is mine – and he truly is mine.

Camping with Pudge and Zack.jpg


“Man, I’m always late…like with this post! And, sigh, now I’ll be late for today’s too,” is exactly what’s going through my mind right now. I’m late. Everywhere I go… unless I’m required to be there, then, I’m EXACTLY on time. I just hate time. Why does it govern our every thought and move? “Oh, it’s time for dinner!” or “See you later I’m meeting so and so at 5:00.” It’s exhausting, and quite frankly, I can’t keep up.

I use to get entirely frustrated with myself, so much so, that I loathed myself. Every time I was late, I would beat myself up and hey, so would the people around me-so it was a double whammy! If you couldn’t already surmise, this whole “time” experience was not healthy.

For a while I worked to change it. Being to work was never really the problem, but outside of work, like meeting up with friends…that was the bigger issue. Many things worked for a time (<– and there it is again! That darned thing!), but none lasted and in the end, the self-loathing returned.

Until one day, I finally said, “To hell with it! This is who I am. Why let time constrain me and give me anxiety? Time is not my master, my soul belongs to nature, where moments are not spent wondering, ‘What time is it?’ rather they are spent basking in the flow.” It is in these moments, that I accomplish, that I have joy, that I am truly at peace.

And I’m writing, when others are not, so even if it’s late, who truly cares? In the end, the time will not matter, but how it was spent will. Therefore, I choose to spend my time with my own version of accomplishment, joy, and peace.

no time.jpg

This is me… a slave to the stupid clock. 😡


I want a better lifestyle. I want to get healthy, workout, and choose more nutritious foods. All these things come with time and practice. Growing up my family didn’t have a lot of choice in foods. We shopped at cheaper stores and bought cheaper, pre-packaged meals. Dessert was scarce, and sometimes the food was too. Things like food and gaining weight were never really a problem because we never got much of it in the first place. But now, now that’s different.

Now, I actually make more than my parents did; socioeconomically, I have done very well for myself, but my body is suffering. 😦 I know, some of you will look and say, “What are you talking about?! You look great!”, but let’s remember, friends, we all have our vices and we all have our wants.

I know this is something I want to invest more time, strength, and will power, just getting started and sticking is key. This is one of my goals.



My own place. That is what I need. Currently my fiancé and I live with his family. We have benefitted so much from this arrangement, not to mention the excellent meals (Thanks momma Anderson!) and low rent…THANK YOU!!! But there comes a time in every family’s life when they need their own dwelling…and our time is now. I like the little, quiet things. The morning moments to myself. The let me walk around naked and drink coffee or go on a walk without any question moments, but I don’t get very many of those moments without living in our own place. It’s expensive, especially with saving for a wedding, but needs to be done…and so, I continue the search for a cozy, comfy new place to call home.



I am hoping for the very best this upcoming year. This will be my first year as a co-teacher, which, needless to say, I am nervous. We will be spending LOTS of time together (that’s an understatement for sure!), making TONS of decisions (another understatement), helping to develop and grow young, malleable minds, and creating a Classroom Family together. This job is not just a job for me; it is my career; it is my profession; it is my calling. As such, being a teacher, and being a good one, is my driving purpose in life. And without going into TOO much more detail, you see why collaboration, understanding, trust, commitment, and passion are a must for this year to be as successful as I hope it will be.working together.jpgWill we be a match?!


What is YOUR currently?! I’d love to find out! 🙂


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