SOL #1 Life is One Giant Emoji

Today, was just that. One GIANT emoji rollercoaster.

I drove to school with the music turned up.

I walked into school wearing pajamas-not just any pajamas, EMOJI pajamas.

I was greeted by a former student; we were emoji pajama twinning.

I tried to teach and my students didn’t listen.

I facilitated book clubs-students did the leading, I did the listening! Teaching success!

I was tired, my co-teacher was tired, my students were tired, no one was listening.

I headed home in silence.


And this isn’t even a “true slice” since it covers parts of my day and not just one. I am a bad role model. This was more of a collection of statements and a reflection on my day, but I do not have the “with-it-ness” to produce anything more.

This writing is what I needed. So I’ll stick with it and just leave a picture of our emoji style, which was clearly, one of the highlights of my rollercoaster day.c54fow2u0aaikh7


7 thoughts on “SOL #1 Life is One Giant Emoji

  1. mrssurridge

    Theme days!! A blessing and a curse! But without your day, you wouldn’t have gotten that adorable photo with that adorable twinsie. (Nor would you have been as comfortable.) 🙂

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  2. “Today, was just that. One GIANT emoji rollercoaster” 😆 Oh how that line made laugh! Your writing is carefree here and honest. I liked it so much! The ups and downs, brutal mood swings of days like today are awful. Still I loved this. The actual year of kids in third grade is a friggin emoji. Theatrically caught between the end of primary and acting like a baby. Such a great first slice to find today!

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  3. AnnaYukiko

    As I was reading your collection of mini-slices, which absolutely add up to a slice, I was trying to picture which emoji you were imagining for each episode. I love that you found a theme to tie the threads of your day together. I hope today was more thumbs up, smiley face!


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