SOL #2 A Little Writing Goes a Long Way

So in anticipation of my co-teacher’s absence tomorrow, I began preparing the classroom. I thought it might be a nice idea to include a note on a few students desks to remind them to have a great day tomorrow and to ask them how they were going to do exactly that…

and then… it got away from me.

I was suddenly scurrying from desk to desk filling out sticky notes of tasks that needed to be done in the classroom, scribbling down reminders to have positive days, and encouraging positive interactions with classmates. You can say I “ran” with the moment.

They say a little writing goes a long way, I sure hope they’re write. 😉screen-shot-2017-03-02-at-11-21-14-pm


5 thoughts on “SOL #2 A Little Writing Goes a Long Way

    1. It really helped! And thank you for noticing! I almost got a little TOO carried away and wrote to every student..but I restrained myself. 😛
      Thinking about continuing the notes to just a few new students each day. 🙂


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