SOL #3 A Note, A Change

This note found it’s way into my hands from a student in the other Third Grade.

There have been struggles.
There have been mean girl fights.
There has been, “I don’t want to do that.”
There has been sassing back.
There has been lack of support at home.
There has been, “But she said this…!”
There has been sticking out tongues and evil glares.
There has been lying and manipulating.
There has been, “You’re not my friend.”

Now it’s, “Tell her how you feel.”
Now it’s, “I’m glad you’re here today!”
Now it’s sharing hugs in the hallway.
Now it’s, “Hello there! How was your day?!”
Now it’s following teacher directions.
Now it’s apologizing when wrong.
Now it’s kind, genuine words.
Now it’s, “I forgive you, Miss Kriegl.”
Now it’s playing games with others.
Now it’s letting someone else have another turn.


And now it’s this note.
These feelings.
Her happiness.


Student writing is power too.


15 thoughts on “SOL #3 A Note, A Change

  1. Lisa V

    Isn’t this exactly what we live for… evidence that our work of “building community” (and creating writers, too!) is working! I love all the hearts on the note — that is a LOT of LOVE!


    1. Thank you so much for saying that, Lisa! She’s come a long way, I’m just lucky enough to interact with her during bus time. She’s had some pretty rough years, but is clearly changing. ❤


  2. I notice our posts come out close together — and just under the wire. A co-procrastinator, perhaps time zone exacerbated?

    I already started my day 4 post because I’m not sure I can make it through the month posting at 11:58 pm EST

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha! Yes! I’m in Illinois, central time! So, you are correct in assuming time-zone exacerbated. I’m a late person normally and when I’ve tried posting early, I just have nothing yet to say.
      I like to reflect on my day and wait for my small writing moment to unfold. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. at least you are not in Central — 10 pm is just about right for a late writing person (which I have always been even when not procrastinating) to write for a few hours.

        With age though, I do need to bump that time up or learn how to write in my sleep — that would be hand but possibly less than coherent.


  3. I always love reading your writing 🙂 I know you’ve had a few struggles this year and those little notes make it all worth it. You have such a positive impact on all of the students you interact with daily, not just the ones in your classroom. You’re amazing!


  4. Lovely.

    Several years ago, we had an 8th grade girl who was…challenging. She made a lot of progress, and towards the end of the year, my co-worker and I nominated her for the 8th grade breakfast, which celebrates kids whom teachers want to recognize for things beyond academics. She told me that her family accused her of lying when she told them that, and were shocked when the official invitation came. She then added something along the lines of, “My family has always taught me to stand up for myself and not let anyone get away with disrespecting me. But I’ve been thinking about how you and Mrs. B. are, how you are patient with people and listen to them, and I’m trying to not just get mad all the time.”

    Your student’s note and your writing reminded me of this. I really believe–have to believe–that even if the environment they grow up in remains challenging and negative, someday when they’re a little older, they’ll be able to draw on those glimpses we showed them of other ways to be in the world.


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