SOL #6 Call 8-1-1!

Time to talk to parents, the dreaded phone call. They didn’t show up to Parent-Teacher Conferences, they didn’t respond to emails…it’s time.

I’m coaching my first year co-teacher on what to say. I implore her, “You need to call!”

“I know,” she says, reluctantly picking up the phone and in a hurry, she dials quickly. Let’s get it over with, thoughts that consume both her and my mind.

Suddenly her eyes go wide and mine do too in response…it was only seconds into the call, What’s happening? I thought, worry spreading, speeding up my heart rate.

She slams down the phone.


“YOU WHAT?!” I scream back.

Both of us burst into laughs. So, that’s a definitely a win for calling parents for the first time ever… WHOOPS!
But you know what? Apparently she wasn’t the only one because I got this text from her today…


So now, all first year teachers won’t be stunned into the same mistake of calling 9-1-1. They won’t have to spot police officers outside the school, even though it was “after school” hours and we didn’t get a call back. They won’t have to shamefully tell their principal. AND they won’t have to bashfully call the police department to clarify their simple mistake because people don’t call 8-1-1!
Haha! Love you, Britt! 🙂


My co-teacher wrote her Slice of Life about this incident too! I can’t wait to hear her perspective, but chose to write BEFORE I took a peek…I’ll edit and add link here!


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