SOL #13 The Day’s Say

Head down, bent over.
Hands rake it, gather it together.

Up it goes.
Time for business.

Each bounce is a new reminder of to-dos on the list.
Each sway is another check on done.

Pull it, not so snug, an inch away.
Little parts linger and stray.

Not so busy, little boxes checked.
Daring to be free, down fingers glide.

And loosely it hangs.
Work’s crease is left from the day.

Tug on the ends and off it springs.
Free at last.

Daring to be
No longer
The Day’s Say.


11 thoughts on “SOL #13 The Day’s Say

  1. I enjoyed reading your interesting poem. I especially liked the lines linking bouncing and swaying to the to do tasks and checking them off in their done boxes. It makes the idea of chores and work and family tasks feel so rhythmic and organic.

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