SOL #21 Living by Example

Recently I traveled to Philadelphia for a teaching conference. I had a bit of jet lag-or time lapse issues, which is a real thing, ladies and gentlemen. …Even with just an hour difference, the travel, the back and forth in a few short days was a lot for my mind and body to handle.

I’m exhausted. So that’s probably why I decided to start my blog post there, like I have to justify what I’m about to say, although I’m sure many of you avid bloggers noticed…

I missed the past few days. 😦

The first one, getting back into the groove of teaching, of being on Illinois time, of preparing for Report Cards…I just forgot. There wasn’t even a moment I remembered that day, Day 19.

Maybe I was living in the moment. Yeah, that’s totally it. Maybe I was just busy; Who knows, but I was definitely bummed as I told myself that THIS year I would blog EVERY day since I had only blogged 30 days last year.

And then, without realization, it was Day 21 and I hadn’t blogged again!!!
WHAT! I had timers that didn’t ring. I had ideas that weren’t written.
What happened?! I couldn’t even tell you.

I’m not so forgiving, my students are not so forgiving, but, I am forced to remind myself that this experience teaches an important lesson.

It will serve as a reminder that teachers are human too, that everyone makes mistakes, and sometimes we don’t always “win”.
It also requires us to recognize that having WRITTEN verses not written at all is more important. It tells me to celebrate the days that writing did occur (18, now 19) compared to the 2 days of missing…18/19 is a pretty high number if you ask me!
This moment also gives me the opportunity to highlight my co-teacher and instead of focusing on myself and what I didn’t do, celebrate what my first year co-teacher HAS done, which is blog EVERY SINGLE day so far (crossing fingers so I don’t jinx it 😛 )!!!! Let’s not make this moment about me, let’s celebrate what I didn’t do, but a friend, a colleague, a partner did. Shout out: Go, you, Brittany! 🙂

So, today I live by example in the most difficult ways and with bruised pride, but here I am standing, ready to write, and ready for round 3. I NEVER give up.

Slice of Life 2018, I’M READY FOR YOU.


2 thoughts on “SOL #21 Living by Example

  1. LSquared

    Thank you for writing this. All the feeling that flitted by my mind when I read “Day 21” Yikes! And I felt the guilt maybe for a similar reason as you write. That piece about winning or losing.

    Every year (and I’ve done this for years) I ALWAYS posted and commented daily. I even hosted new comers. So, this year…what? Stuff came up. Unexpected things.

    Doing planning and presenting, friends is exhausting, even without the travel. I’m glad you seemed to give yourself the break, with the truth that it’s wounded pride. Not really a mess up.

    And I’m learning stuff like this even at my advancing age!


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