SOL #30 The Masterpiece

“Joe, put your drawings,” I instructed my student from across the room.

“You mean masterpieces,” he shot back confidently.

I rolled my eyes. 

“Okay, put your -air quotes- masterpieces away,” I replied with a half smile, half smirk.

What would later ensue would be a “deal” of some sorts, bartering for Tiger Tickets, a hot currency at our school, hoping for money or a chance to peek at my Pokemon Go account.

The deal was settled. Not just telling, but observing with his own eyes, my  Pokemon Go team and collection for a “masterpiece”. We even shook on it. 

A day later, we were both disappointed when realization that my Pokemon Go account, shared with my Fiance, had been deleted. 

I let him know the bad news. His eyes went up and to the side, like they do even he really thinks. 

Finally he said, “This one’s on the house.”

Hahaha!!! This IS a masterpiece. And it WILL BE FRAMED.

It’s times like these that I wouldn’t trade my job for the world. 🌎 🍎😂


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