#SOL 3 Sitting Up at 3

I sprang up out of sleep and got a curious look from my dog.

What is it!? His eyes asked.

“CRAP!” I hissed back and warm waves of guilt slammed into me and repeatedly washed over my body.

I shook my head in disbelief. I had done it, or rather, not done it again!

After how many years now?! 3!? Last year I said, “It will happen next year for sure.”

This year I said, “Definitely!”

But here I am, sitting up at 3 am, sick as a dog, without a yesterday blog.

March isn’t my month. And there’s that high-expectation, disappointment one only feels when you let them down; there I go letting me down again, the highest expectation police I know.

Maybe next year will be the year I’ll get that extra day. Maybe next year I’ll get the 30 AND the 1 I always miss. Maybe next year.

For now I say a silent prayer, I’ll probably forget.

When the next March happens, add a little more health for me, and a lot less forget.

5 thoughts on “#SOL 3 Sitting Up at 3

  1. carwilc

    It’s ok! It’s really ok to not have a slice all 31 days! The whole point is to be writing and to be noticing, and to be part of a writing community. If you miss one day, it’s ok. Or you could write two on one day (when you are feeling better) so then you will have 31. Take care of yourself!


  2. I understand the expectation you set for yourself. It is hard when we let ourselves down. Sometimes we need someone to remind us that it’s what we do most of the time that matters most (I say this to my students all the time). Thirty days of writing is WAY more than many writers so if I were you I’d take a nap and celebrate that you are working toward thirty days and hey, Maybe April 1st is your 31st post this time. There won’t be a place to link it but you’ll have it. Good luck and rest up.


  3. We’re so hard on ourselves, aren’t we? Can I tell you a secret? I didn’t complete the whole challenge till my fourth year… and it’s all ok. We wrote for 30 days and missed one, hey, we’re not human and we all know about that perfection thing, right? 🙂 I’m glad I stumbled on your slice, there’s so much beautiful writing in this piece, You talking to Pudge, “waves of guilt slamming into you,” and others, too! I say grant yourself some grace and celebrate all the amazingness that is you, cause there’s lots! Love you! xx


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