SOL #4 I Wish You Were MY Mom

Catching up,
spilling of guts,
personal feelings wrapped in strings
tied tightly around these words.

Here we go again, too caught up in moments and not enough work. But then again, aren’t we always working too much? Staying too late? Giving up too much?

It’s okay to sit here for a while and chat.
So we do.

We unfold umbrella life topics and fantasize about end of the rainbow goals, like being a mom.

“God, I can’t wait to be a mom,” I gush. Half whisper, half dreamy-eyed, far off stare; a part of me already living it in my mind’s eye.
“It’s my biggest dream,” I confess.

“Oh my gosh!” She gasps. “You’re going to be the best mom. I seriously can’t wait!”

“Really?! You really think so?!” I reply back, bursting with excitement.

“YESSS!! I mean I know it’s far off and all, but, man…” she trails off,
“This is going to sound weird, like the weirdest thing compliment I’ve probably ever given, but…I WISH YOU WERE MY MOM!”

I haven’t received a better compliment than this one.
I haven’t found a better friend than her.


2 thoughts on “SOL #4 I Wish You Were MY Mom

  1. LSquared

    What a high compliment! Those best friends are the best, and I like the way you just brought me, the reader, right into your conversation. Thank you.


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