SOL #14 My Mother, My Father, Me

I was raised on my mother’s, do it yourself knee
And my father’s, solve it on your own under Chevy spirit

I grew into my mother’s heart
and displayed it on my sleeve

I embraced my father’s stand proud
And fell into my mother’s, get up again

I skipped into my mother’s happy dance
And swayed into her warm hug me tighter arms

I crashed into my father’s hard head
And Revved into his don’t tell me what I can’t do drive

I sang my way into my mother’s upbeat soul
And drummed into my father’s teenage wasteland

I am my mother’s child
I am my father’s child
I am me.


5 thoughts on “SOL #14 My Mother, My Father, Me

    1. Thanks for saying that! They really have both impacted me in different ways. What I love about this is that some people may understand what I mean, but there’s also hidden meaning in everything. 😉


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