“Oh! You don’t work today?! That’s great!” exclaimed my co-worker, aka, my best friend.

Whoops, it’s out. 

Yep, I work two jobs. Teacher budget and beginning tech-support doesn’t quite cut it. We’re just starting our careers and also trying to start our lives.
And weddings, yeah… those are expensive
So, I work two jobs.

And I’ve been worried about the response. I wanted to avoid any idea that I wasn’t giving it my all on my most important job, being a teacher.
It’s still my dream job, just... I need a little extra income to make the dream family a reality too.

In other words, I’ve been keeping things on the down-low….
but now it’s out.
“Wait a minute… you work another job?! Like another one besides this one?!” inquired another colleague of mine.

Welp, there’s no retracting it now.
Cat’s out of the bag, so they say.
“Uhh, yeah. Ha…ha,” I mumble back.

But it was the reaction, that response, I wasn’t expecting. I braced myself for it…

“That’s incredible.” she said, “Seriously, doing anything on top of teaching is miraculous.”


I took a moment to let her words sink in.
You know what?
She’s right.

I’ve been really busting my butt trying to achieve two dreams in a little over one year. I’m exhausted most of the time, but I’m the toughest go-getter, give-it-all, you’ve ever seen. And this year, I’ve received my best teaching evaluation yet…which is weird for me to even say out loud, let alone type.

I think sometimes I forget. I have a hard time remembering to recognize me.
It is miraculous.
So yeah, I think it’s finally time to give credit to myself.

So, here’s to the MIRACULOUS things we all do,
each day,
behind the scenes.
And a special shout out to my colleagues for helping me realize it.






I’m getting used throwing out my “No”.

Too tired to write. “No,” it’s not going to happen today.



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