Letter to the Challengers

Dear Challenger,

You are the reasons I became “Teacher”. I love a challenge and your obstacle is what I’m here for: to sling strategies into you brain so you can knock them down.

I’m not here to conquer you or to be your friend. I’m here to find ways to pry open your brain.

It’s the ones that make eye contact with you and directly defy instructions, but moments later are helping you with bulletin boards.

It’s the few that you can be sarcastic with because they get your jokes and they know it’s okay to laugh along.

It’s the couple, who tell altered “truths” to others, but spill the facts with one you-know-I-know-you look.

It’s the student refusing to be part of any family, until you welcome them into ours.

It’s the pack who play “too cool for school”, but are the first to hug you on the last day.

It’s the sassy eyes, make no friends, have no enemies girl, who now each lunch with you.

It’s the

Challenger, you are the reasons.

You are my drive, my pain, my happy. You are my passion, my

Challenger, each day, you make me teacher and every day, I am grateful for you.

Love Always,

Your Student


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