SOL #1: The Always Drafts

I’ve got a lot of almost ideas that are waiting to be written.

Really great stories waiting for those choice words to spring into reader’s minds.

Truly incredible moments longing to make their impact with the lessons they tell, the love they bring.

It’s going to be their moment! It’s going to be today!

Begin the typing,
here she goes revising…

click, save “Draft”– another day.


Cheers to those “Always Drafts” that have yet to be published and are seemingly always “works in progress”.

5 thoughts on “SOL #1: The Always Drafts

  1. In my case, I write short stories in Spanish, and even though they are supposedly “fiction”, they are very close to home and I am scared than more than one person gets outraged by my descriptions. Maybe I have to wait until we are all very old and don’t remember too much.


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