SOL #2: My Turn

“Ting,” went my phone in the middle of a birthday dinner for a close friend.

“Why is my dad calling me?” I ask, as always, while hitting the green button.

“Hello, father…” I say sarcastically.

Come to find out he’s searching for help on how to attach a pdf to an email for insurance purposes. Oh, boy…

“That’s a little hard to do over the phone, dad,” I tell him. Knowing there’s no way he’s going to understand me without some type of visual.

And then the idea hits me… as he asks, “And what the heck is a pdf? How am I supposed to know what that is?!”

I respond mid-chuckle, “Just give me a second and I’ll send you a video.”

I haven’t hear an update yet, but so far he’s just sounded grateful to get any assistance in this confusing new technology-drive world. Boy, have the times changed.

Me helping him instead of him helping me… boy, how time has sure changed.

8 thoughts on “SOL #2: My Turn

  1. mrssurridge

    Heehee. I get the same thing from my mom. But I give both of them kudos for this foreign world of technology they are trying to understand. I’m not sure if my mom knows what a pdf is, but I’m so thankful that she is a pro at texting!

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  2. I also wrote about how roles are beginning to change in my family, too. Something I heard on a podcast about aging parents that has stayed with me is, “We forget that as we grow up, they grow old.” I wonder what the pdf equivalent was when he was the child and his parent was asking for his help?


  3. lodonnell13

    I had to teach my mom how to email because of insurance, too. Isn’t it funny the new learning that can happen because of insurance? 🙂


  4. Isn’t that an interesting perspective!? We are helping our parents after always going to them for help. This actually brought a little bit of emotion to my eyes. I’m sure he was so thankful. I love the text picture you embedded! Great moment!


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