SOL #8 The Inquirer

“Um, excuse me, I have a little question,” came a little voice from behind me as I’m stapling up our PBIS bulletin board in the main hallway.

Surprised by this question, I reply, ” Sure. What’s your question?” As I spin to face a younger student, clearly not my own, maybe 1st grade.

At this point I’m puzzled. I wonder if her question might be about the bulletin board I am currently putting up.

“Well… I was wondering if my cousin, he’s from the middle school… well, I was wondering if he could visit my classroom sometime??” The little girl asks while swooping her hair off her shoulder.

She shifts from side to side waiting for my permission.

I look at my PBIS partner who has just entered the hallway from the copy room, we share puzzled glances and then we both let this inquirer know she’ll just have to ask her teacher about it and get permission from her.

Then she firmly retorts, “I already did. She said it’d be okay.”

Now I’m beyond confused.. “Okay, well, maybe just talk to her about it? Okay? We think it’s a great idea!”

“Maybe he could read to your class or something, that’d be cool!” my partner chimes in.

Surprisingly she’s satisfied with our very reluctant, confused answers, and practically skips down the hallway back to her class.

A few moments pass between my colleague and I and I realize, “Oh! She probably thought I was our principal!”

This is a pretty common mistake many kindergarten and 1st grade students make at my school… short blonde hair.. wow! The things we have in common -so much! Haha Well, at least to a young kid, the hair is the only thing to make you basically be the other person!

At least this explanation makes so much more sense!

But what a funny interaction to lighten my day!


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