SOL #13 A Long-Awaited Invitation

I get the mail, per the usual, but instead of the boring monochrome tones of whites, blacks, and grays, a bright pink envelope grabs my eye.

I reach for it excited to see what’s waiting inside. “Who’s it from?” I wonder.

Of course, I should have known, my Grandma Joan. ❤️ My heart swells with love. She’s always sending us the frilliest of cards in the brightest purples and pinks, it’s basically her trademark.

Eagerly, I open the envelope to find the greasiest of surprises…

None other than a wedding invitation to my Grandparents’ wedding!!!

I jump up and down in immediate disbelief! I’m am just so thrilled for them! FINALLY!!! 🤗

Now, for a little background, let me explain. My Grandma divorced my biological Grandpa many decades ago, and she’s been with my Grandpa Bill ever since. Originally we just called him Bill, but this man has lived the part of Grandpa as far back as I can remember. In fact, I can’t remember a time he wasn’t my Grandpa.

We’ve waited so many years and although he’s already our family, I can’t tell you how excited I am to officially welcome him into ours!

Here’s to you, Grandma Joan and Grandpa Bill! 💕 A long-awaited dream come true!!!


5 thoughts on “SOL #13 A Long-Awaited Invitation

  1. Our hearts “swell with love” with you! How precious – Grandma Joan’s trademark cards, this surprise and the official welcome. Joy radiated through your slice today!


  2. Jess B.

    I love this! I love the details you gave, I could picture the usual boring mail but also a beautiful invitation. I’m happy for your family 🙂


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