SOL #21 Classroom Handyman 🛠

“Miss Kriegl, do you realize your chair is broken here?” inquires one of my toocool students.

“Yeah, it stinks doesn’t it?” I respond, sort of shrugging and thinking to myself, “All in due time with them in the classroom…”

“Well, I have a few tips for you,” and without hesitation he goes over to the arm of the chair and points to the screw.

Other students begin to gather ’round.

“See you can take the screw out here,” he continues, “and put it back in over the material to hold it in place,” he finishes, matter-of-factly.

My eyes flash in awe. Whoa! I did not realize he was this knowledgeable about this stuff, nor did I realize how invested he was…

And then he pulled out his travel tool kit.

Yes, my third grader has a traveling tool kit!

“I could fix it with my tool kit if you’d want?” he asks already unscrewing the part of the chair.

“Wow, I really appreciate it! It’s all you, bud!” I say in wonder still. “Looks like we have our own classroom handyman!” I announce, half chuckle, half awe to the student and the others around us.

I’m always so astounded by the unearthed talents of my students, especially this one. And I am so honored to get to know each one of them enough to see their amazing talents in action.

Tonight I sleep with a happy heart and a fulfilled calling to this crazy, beautiful profession.



3 thoughts on “SOL #21 Classroom Handyman 🛠

  1. carwilc

    I love that this little guy has his own traveling tool kit! And that he could fix your chair! And that you know him so well! A great slice!


  2. jennysrich

    I have many hands-on students who love to fix things. I wish we had more hands-on learning for those students. They would thrive…


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