“I like your buns!” my best friend and co-teacher shouts down the hall at my other best friend and mentor, who is notoriously known for being an introvert.

Immediately, introverted J shoots back a puzzled glance accompanied with a small smirk. She doesn’t say anything and just keeps on walking.

“Uhhhh! WHOOPS!” I say back and we burst out in laughter.

She clearly was admiring introverted J’s cute hair, which was done up something like this:


Not quite the compliment she was hoping to give, but it was definitely, WELL RECEIVED by the audienceme.


A much needed laugh for an early morning to says the least!


***On a side note, you really have to be very careful what you type in as your google search for “buns”… I started typing and, thank goodness for my quick thinking, I backed out and then typed “hair buns”. Phew! Crises avoided this time!


10 thoughts on “SOL #23 BUNS

  1. Oh, I had a good chuckle and enjoyed reading this story complete with the photograph! I was thinking of breakfast buns – like cinnamon buns or something like that (maybe because I am thinking about having breakfast soon). Then, of course, the obvious when your co-teacher shouts, “I like your buns!” Lots of chuckling here. I was not thinking about hair buns until the photo.


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