SOL #30 Hablas Español?

Nervously we look at each other, “But what about the language barrier? Maybe we just shouldn’t go.”

“No. We’re going,” I say as we step out of the car and make our way to Los Mangos.

It’s an ice cream and smoothie place. And well, I want a smoothie.

We spend some time staring at the menu, trying to decide what it means… looking up each word one by one. Until we’re told, the line actually starts over there. Whoops. Haha

But hey, English! We can understand that!

By the time it’s our turn, my husband gets confident and orders for me. We’re all not sure what she’s making me… she’s not sure if it’s a smoothie…but onward we voyage.

My husband confidently points and asks what’s inside that ice cream.

“I’m not sure how to Explain it in English…” the girl behind the counter trails off in her Spanish accent.

“Oh, that’s okay,” my husband and I say almost in unison.

“Try it? Do you want to?” she says as her face perks up.

“If I can… sure!” replies my husband eagerly.

He smiles back a look of satisfaction and shock at the taste as he passes the other half of the sample to me.

“Yum!” I say, admittedly more impressed with his ice cream, than my “smoothie”.

We pay and leave.

“That was a fun little adventure,” says my husband as we enter the car. He continues, “And I’m glad we tried something new! The non-Spanish-speaking people are missing out on this ice cream!”

I wish I could say the same for my warm concoction, but I definitely do agree about our fun little, adventure –no matter how terrified we both were at the counter.

I know some our Spanish-speaking neighbors must feel like this every day –except less so fun and I appreciate the challenge they take on, the bravery they have when ordering at our English counters too.

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