A Parent’s Coffee Saga

A murmur from behind the closed door

Sigh and gulp, my fresh coffee pour.

And into the bedroom upstairs I go, all smiles for you

Down for tummy time,

Coffee joins us too.

Sips between the almost crawls and wobbly stands

Time for a diaper change

Wait here, I command.

Into the kitchen, learning letters, making magnetic words

Where’s that coffee again?

Spit-up on my t-shirt

Pacifier on the floor

In between swigs of coffee,

Reheat number 4.

Baby walker, baby explorer, baby feeding time

This is the never ending saga

of my coffee rhyme.

3 thoughts on “A Parent’s Coffee Saga

  1. Great rhyme. Oh, the days spent with a young child. They are so fleeting. I love drinking my coffee from a huge cup but it cools too quickly so I finally found a small thermal container that I like. I put my second and third cup in it. And I’m not as likely to spill it.


  2. I enjoyed reading about the coffee saga, and also enjoyed how the rhythm and style of the poem is so much like a picture book you might read to a little one. It enriches the feeling of this slice to have images of being with a baby as well as the sound and flavor of being with a baby.


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