I am problem solver
I am march through the halls problem solver

I am problem solver
I am tough as nails problem solver

I am problem solver
I am knees deep in issues problem solver

I am problem solver
I am up to my eyes in defiance problem solver

I am problem solver
I am Don’t let them get you down! problem solver

I am problem solver
I am speak up, use your voice problem solver

I am problem solver
I am passion-ignited problem solver

I am problem solver
I am do not settle for less problem solver

I am problem solver
I am stand strong, sturdy soul problem solver

I am problem solver
I am queen of NO problem solver

I am problem solver
I am bend the rules, make it work, flexible problem solver

I am problem solver
I am grind your teeth, get ready for the fight problem solver

I am problem solver
I am tears don’t hold me back problem solver

I am problem solver
I am beyond the box, mind-stretching problem solver

I am problem solver
I am heart-to-heart, care about you problem solver

I am problem solver




SOL #2 A Little Writing Goes a Long Way

So in anticipation of my co-teacher’s absence tomorrow, I began preparing the classroom. I thought it might be a nice idea to include a note on a few students desks to remind them to have a great day tomorrow and to ask them how they were going to do exactly that…

and then… it got away from me.

I was suddenly scurrying from desk to desk filling out sticky notes of tasks that needed to be done in the classroom, scribbling down reminders to have positive days, and encouraging positive interactions with classmates. You can say I “ran” with the moment.

They say a little writing goes a long way, I sure hope they’re write. 😉screen-shot-2017-03-02-at-11-21-14-pm

My Vision Board 2016


My Very Vision Board 2016

There are many visions I have for my future, some goals are for this upcoming year, while others are life-long goals.

To begin with, one short-term goal I have is to have my room to be a poop free zone. I’ve been training my french bulldog puppy to go potty outside. He has been mostly successful, except for during the night when he ventures out of bed. He does his deed on the pee pads we have, but the ultimate goal is for him to hold his business until we wake up and can take him out. The sad, heart-wrenching thing about this is that our baby is our cuddle buddy during the night, but if he continues to go without permission, we will have to crate train him for a bit. -siiigh- Hopefully he learns before the crate comes in; if not, he’ll have to get use to the crate for a while.

Another thing I’d LOVE is to ride in a hot air balloon. They’ve always captivated me. It would be lovely to see the world from another view. Just something I’ve always wanted. The balloon also represents a tattoo I’d like to get. I would like to get many tattoos, small and delicate, but meaningful. Those will come in time and mostly after my wedding, I hope.

This year I would like to make healthier choices, starting with working out and yoga. I’ve always loved yoga/meditation because it brings me inner peace and comfort. I also enjoy working out and the benefits, although I prefer sports to help get me fit. My goal is to participate in yoga/meditation more often and to workout (hopefully with sports) regularly. I want to create a routine and stick to it!

As I have mentioned previously, this year I will be co-teaching. My dream is that we will not only get along, but grow together, learn together, and teach and inspire children together as well, hence the two figures putting puzzle pieces together. Key word: together.

I will be my school’s PBIS Universal Coach this year along with one of my colleagues. My hope is to succeed in helping my classroom and my school reflect more positivity, mostly via behavior. It is my favorite to go out of my way to point out a student in the hallway and reward them for their good behavior, especially when they least expect it. I teach all my students the meaning of integrity; every student that demonstrates this should be rewarded at some point in their lives. I hope I can help all students lead a better path of positive behavior.

Wow! I’m beginning to notice I have a lot of goals. I guess, in the very least, this vision board has helped me come to this realization. Yet another goal of mine, in hopefull the very near future, is to get a place of our own. Just me, my fiance, my dog, and cats. Ahhhh, the life. What I’d really adore is a 1 bedroom apartment with either lots of windows and/or a balcony. I love the sun and would be thrilled to have a place of our own with sunshine included.

To go along with my last goal, I’d like to spend more time with my fiancé, dog, and cats. I am embarking on a journey with the 40 Hour Teacher Workweek Club in hopes that leaving at 4:30 at the latest will become a reality. A note to my fiancé: Zack, thanks for sticking by me and supporting me these past two crazy beginning years of teaching. I couldn’t have done it without you; you are my foundation. I love you! Let’s look forward to more time together in the future! ❤

My wedding was originally planned for 2017 (not in detail, don’t fret!), but we are moving it back to 2018. Simply put, we just don’t have the funds! Unlike many folks out there, my parents and my fiance’s parents are not capable of supporting us, so, as it has always been for me, we must support ourselves. My dear, dear friends, weddings are expensive! I could cut things here and there, but it still wouldn’t be enough; therefore, I have decided that we will push back the date and save. For the only wedding of my life (since I love Zack more than anything in the world), I’d like to make it rememberable for both of us and give us both the wedding we deserve. At the same time, I am keeping in mind that I must be level-headed and I remind myself that it’s only one day, it is OUR day and I’d like it to be everything we want and more (within price range). So my goal is to save up to 10,000 dollars… CHA CHING! Here goes nothing! 🙂

In the distant future, hopefully it will fall in succession with my marriage, I want to be pregnant and have kids more than anything in the world. I have always dreamed of being a mom; this is my one ultimate goal and dream in life. I live for kids and would do anything to raise some of my own, with my Zachary, of course.

Assertion: this one is overwhelmingly important to me and very near to my heart. Many times I have admitted to being non-confrontational and emotional, but I have also found, very recently in fact, that people abuse this knowledge. These people I have trusted with my weaknesses, displayed them on my sleeve, have used them against me, whether intentionally or unintentionally is another matter. Anyway, I’m tired of the sh*t, pardon my french. I still believe there is value in my non-confrontational ways because unlike others that are quick to act or quick to burn flesh with their tongue, I think through my thoughts, pick my battles, and then fight the good fight; this being said, I am going to be just as fierce and assertive as I tell my students to be. We teach C.A.R.E.S. in my school, which includes cooperation, assertion, responsibility, empathy, and self-control. Assertion is my weakness. I tell my students, “Well, if Student A doesn’t know she is hurting your feelings, you should say something!” or “Stand up for yourself and tell them you don’t like it when they laugh at you.” Now it is my turn to learn. The adult world is a much crueler and less forgiving place, but so be it. Slowly, but surely, I have become more assertive and my goal is to continue on this journey without forgetting to think through my thoughts, pick my battles, and fight the good fight.

And now I apologize for that bit of a ramble. 😛

Finally, my last vision on my board is to write more. When I was younger and more naive I use to write more, and now I am still getting back into the writing groove (see previous post on “My Writing Journey” for more details). I want this writing journey to continue and expand exponentially. It’s a beautiful outlet, a wonderful source of information, and a lovely foundation for friendship. I hope this writing life continues until the last of my days in whatever form it may be.

I hope I haven’t shared too much of my vision with you. 🙂

SOL #22 And They made Mine

On the weekend I attended a student’s basketball game at the recreational center. She was beyond-words-excited! Every moment she had, she’d turn and smile at me or wave or give a quick thumbs up. At one point, we even air high-fived (that’s a new thing we do in my class). 🙂

So it was supposed to be one game, about thirty minutes, and then I realized my other students were on another team and my students from last year were on another…let’s just say I ended up being there for about two hours. BUT I LOVED IT.

I LOVE making their day! The smiles on their faces just seeing me there, supporting them. I know it means the world to them.

So on Monday, the student I originally went to see was so thrilled I saw her play during her last basketball game that she brought me a boquet of flowers!

She knew I’d love it, so she made mine too. 🙂Flowers from Devynn.jpg

SOL #19 Real Life Problem Solving

Another proud moment in my Third Grade class.

I try to foster a community of problem solving for my students. Often when they come up to me with an issue, I ask, “What did you do about it?” or “What did you say to ___?”

This encourages students to first attempt to problem solve on their own and then seek adult as a backup.

On Friday, I saw these problem skills in action! One student came up to me and asked if her and three of her friends could take time to talk because they needed to “talk it out” and “figure it out” together.

Of course, I said yes! So as I was conferencing with another student for extra help on homework, I watched this meeting in the back of my room unfold.

How amazing!

They never once came to me with their problem..and by the end of the day, they were all smiling and getting along!

I guess you could say that Friday was full of proud moments like this one. 🙂

SOL #18 Writing was like a Fairy Tale…

In writing we are currently working on Fairy Tale Adaptations.

I just have to say that my students impressed me their imagery, craft, and creativity!

No better way to capture it than by linking the videos from on my twitter page because you just have to hear it for yourself!


In other words, writing was like a Fairy Tale today in 3K! ❤

Day #13 Why I was Made According to a Third Grader

We were having “Passion Hour” on Friday with my Third Graders. Passion Hour is our adapted version of Genius Hour, which is practically the same thing, but with a different title.

In essence, students get to choose what passion they’d like to explore and research more about it. The goal is for students to come up with their own research question, which should not be answered with a “yes” or “no”, have it approved by me, do the research, and then present it to their classmates in a format of their choosing.

We were in the beginning stages of choosing our research questions, when one of my students jokingly said they wanted to research me! Hah!

My student said, “Let’s research why was Miss Kriegl made?!”

He immediately answered his own question by exclaiming, “I know, TO TEACH!”

His peers all agreeing enthusiastically with shouts of, “YES!” and “Yay!” and “I agree!”

So there you have it friends, the reason I was put on earth, why I was made, why I am alive, is to teach. I wouldn’t have it any other way. 🙂

SOL #10 Whoops…there’s the Locker!

I usually keep it together when a student does something silly-not always, but usually.

Today, was not one of those days.

A student that typically has issues staying in line, “one right behind the other”, as I always tell them, was not walking in line again at the end of the day –GO FIGURE!

I went to remind him when -BAM-! He slammed into a locker because not only was he not in line, but he wasn’t looking where he was going!

And then came out the laugh that I could NOT hold in! He was chuckling too and so were his classmates. Whoops!

I followed up with, “That’s why we walk right behind the other, right _____?!” Ha ha!!

Luckily, I have developed a very close relationship with my students, so I know which students can handle sarcasm and laugh at mistakes; he was one of those students.

I hope he learned his lesson. It’s unfortunate that it had to be the hard way… literally!