SOL Day #5 Beautiful Hearts

Yesterday a beautiful thing happened.

My third graders were learning about Context Clues. Their task was to work together as a table group to figure out the unknown word using the clues in the sentence.

One of my students was struggling and his table-mates noticed. They didn’t realize I had overheard their conversation.

In a gentle way, Student A said, “Are you confused about how to do this, ___?”

“If you are, it’s okay! Tell Miss Kriegl!” Student B suggested.

“Maybe we could help you during reading, ____!” piped up Student C.

I knew I had just witnessed an unforgettable moment unfold. These students recognized the trouble in this worried student’s eyes. They did not laugh, they did not mock, they did not ignore it. Instead, they chose to have compassion and reach out to help another in need.

If that’s not the making of amazing, empathetic characters, I don’t know what is. We could all take a page from their book.

In this moment, I could not be more proud of my students and their beautiful hearts.



Screen Shot 2016-03-05 at 11.45.45 AM.png

This is the Notebook Page that his teammates made to help him out! What a hoot, right?! So clever, so funny, so compassionate! 🙂

And I love how it says College Class 1. hahah!