SOL #31 Kindness on the Last Day

There I am. Wal-Mart for that late night run to the store for random things, such as paper towels, body wash, and blueberries…yes, blueberries.

The necessities if you will.

It’s the Wal-Mart way, of course, for it to be late, there to be long lines, and only have two cashiers.

I drag my tired body over to the line and plop myself in place, preparing myself for the wait by perusing the various items on the shelves. “This will take some time,” I began to think to myself when suddenly…

The couple in front of me gives me this mysterious smile, glances at one another, and then tells me to go in front of them.

Perhaps seeing their kindness? …the man in front of them ushers me before him as well.


What a way to end a night! Three generous, random acts of kindness. Different races, different looks, different people, but all willing to give a little, even just a few minutes of their time, for a stranger.


If that’s not a perfect way to end this month’s Slice Of Life Challenge 2016, I don’t know what is.

I will definitely be paying it forward in the near future.