SOL #18 Writing was like a Fairy Tale…

In writing we are currently working on Fairy Tale Adaptations.

I just have to say that my students impressed me their imagery, craft, and creativity!

No better way to capture it than by linking the videos from on my twitter page because you just have to hear it for yourself!


In other words, writing was like a Fairy Tale today in 3K! ❤

Drafting IRL

Hey there!

So I was writing my Tax guy about a predicament I found myself in when I realized I was real life drafting! I was almost TOO excited, that nerdy kind of teacher excited… if you’re a teacher, I’m sure you know the feeling.

Without giving too much away…hint, hint: READ THE LETTERS…I have included both my 1st draft, final draft, and cover to the letter.

Side note: if you can’t read my writing, just skip to the second letter (final draft) to get to the deets (that was for you Michelle).


Draft 1:

Image 2-18-16 at 9.35 AM.png


Cover of Letter:Tax Letter Outside.jpg


Draft 2 (Final Draft):Image 2-18-16 at 9.38 AM.png


I found myself writing more proficiently too. I was addressing audience more and adding in descriptive details-all thanks to Third Grade Writing Units of Study by Lucy Calkins! Teaching and writing alongside your students helps you become a better writer too!

I cannot wait to show this to my students. Drafting is beneficial even in real life! (I could have drafted a 2nd time too!) How fun!

What are some of your real life drafting experiences? Comment below!