“Let it go look, can’t hold it back anymoreeee!” I casually sing and my students sing along.

Suddenly their singing ceases and two of my third graders look at each other in… surprise?

“She sounds like a Disney princess!” states one.

“She sounds like ALL the princesses!!” exclaims the other.

“I said she looks like Ariel,” chimes in another student who has just inserted herself into the conversation.

I just sit back and watch this all unfold thinking to myself and realizing all my childhood dreams have come true.


SOL #28 Six Word Stories to fill my Day

Up late, coffee warm, rushing in.

Slime on tables, tech in the halls.

Furry friend, leashless walks; sticks involved.

Wasted time behind the wheel: disappointed.

Pete’s Market, want little, buy lots.

Fast dinner, mini date: The Office.

Back rubs, welcoming night, knowing love.

Couch cuddling, bed calling; good night.

SOL #27 Bring the Sassy

“Okay, time to check Word Work. Number one, please bring over your notebook,” I instruct above the clamor of learning.

Student scurries over. And proudly flippes pages for me to check his work.

He lingers on a page for a moment, letting me check his Word Work sentences.

Mid-turn of the page, I spot my name, and I slow down to read the a sentence that stands out.

Abruptly, I burst out laughing!

And I reread out loud this time, “Stop misbehaving or I bring sassy Miss Kriegl.”

They know guys, they know.

Letter to the Challengers

Dear Challenger,

You are the reasons I became “Teacher”. I love a challenge and your obstacle is what I’m here for: to sling strategies into you brain so you can knock them down.

I’m not here to conquer you or to be your friend. I’m here to find ways to pry open your brain.

It’s the ones that make eye contact with you and directly defy instructions, but moments later are helping you with bulletin boards.

It’s the few that you can be sarcastic with because they get your jokes and they know it’s okay to laugh along.

It’s the couple, who tell altered “truths” to others, but spill the facts with one you-know-I-know-you look.

It’s the student refusing to be part of any family, until you welcome them into ours.

It’s the pack who play “too cool for school”, but are the first to hug you on the last day.

It’s the sassy eyes, make no friends, have no enemies girl, who now each lunch with you.

It’s the

Challenger, you are the reasons.

You are my drive, my pain, my happy. You are my passion, my

Challenger, each day, you make me teacher and every day, I am grateful for you.

Love Always,

Your Student


“Oh! You don’t work today?! That’s great!” exclaimed my co-worker, aka, my best friend.

Whoops, it’s out. 

Yep, I work two jobs. Teacher budget and beginning tech-support doesn’t quite cut it. We’re just starting our careers and also trying to start our lives.
And weddings, yeah… those are expensive
So, I work two jobs.

And I’ve been worried about the response. I wanted to avoid any idea that I wasn’t giving it my all on my most important job, being a teacher.
It’s still my dream job, just... I need a little extra income to make the dream family a reality too.

In other words, I’ve been keeping things on the down-low….
but now it’s out.
“Wait a minute… you work another job?! Like another one besides this one?!” inquired another colleague of mine.

Welp, there’s no retracting it now.
Cat’s out of the bag, so they say.
“Uhh, yeah. Ha…ha,” I mumble back.

But it was the reaction, that response, I wasn’t expecting. I braced myself for it…

“That’s incredible.” she said, “Seriously, doing anything on top of teaching is miraculous.”


I took a moment to let her words sink in.
You know what?
She’s right.

I’ve been really busting my butt trying to achieve two dreams in a little over one year. I’m exhausted most of the time, but I’m the toughest go-getter, give-it-all, you’ve ever seen. And this year, I’ve received my best teaching evaluation yet…which is weird for me to even say out loud, let alone type.

I think sometimes I forget. I have a hard time remembering to recognize me.
It is miraculous.
So yeah, I think it’s finally time to give credit to myself.

So, here’s to the MIRACULOUS things we all do,
each day,
behind the scenes.
And a special shout out to my colleagues for helping me realize it.






I’m getting used throwing out my “No”.

Too tired to write. “No,” it’s not going to happen today.


SOL #15 Motivational Analogy in a Classroom Family

He doesn’t believe he can.

He has nothing to say.

He has no ideas.

He just can’t do it.

They believe for him.

They encourage his voice.

They tell the story of a fish.

And he gives it a shot.

A video of the analogy here:

SOL #14 My Mother, My Father, Me

I was raised on my mother’s, do it yourself knee
And my father’s, solve it on your own under Chevy spirit

I grew into my mother’s heart
and displayed it on my sleeve

I embraced my father’s stand proud
And fell into my mother’s, get up again

I skipped into my mother’s happy dance
And swayed into her warm hug me tighter arms

I crashed into my father’s hard head
And Revved into his don’t tell me what I can’t do drive

I sang my way into my mother’s upbeat soul
And drummed into my father’s teenage wasteland

I am my mother’s child
I am my father’s child
I am me.

SOL #11 By Only Love as I know it.

The dim lamp, the lights low
by only love as I know it.

The rhythmic snore of my furry best friend
by only love as I know it.

The candlelight flickering a brilliant dance
by only love as I know it.

The glow of the tv in no-sound, sleep-mode
by only love as I know it.

The clicks of my fiancé and the scrolling of his desktop mouse
by only love as I know it.

The pattering of my kitty’s amusement with a string
by only love as I know it.

The whistle of tea brewed
by only love as I know it.

The happiness my simple life brings
by only love as I know it.