SOL #10 Moments of Mindfulness

As I mentioned in an earlier post, our school is focusing on Mindfulness. Today we did our second round of practicing mindfulness through awareness. Our awareness focused on our breathing. Feeling the movement in our bodies, where the air comes in and releases out from our bodies.

For our second day, students did a very nice job. And a very nice job for third graders, considering there were much fewer giggles than yesterday.

As we finished our last breath and returned to our seats, I asked students to share their thoughts on their experience and what mindfulness meant to them now.

What students shared was something profound.

One student said she felt the good air come in and the bad air come out. Another said it helped them to focus and stay calm.

Even my most geared-up student, my feisty student, my student that likes to start fights with others just sat there with his hands on tops of his legs, his eyes closed, his body resting.

Another student showed up today, with this sign…


Best part about it, is that she asked us to make a copy for each of us (my co-teacher and myself) and my other colleague.

What a lovely gift this has been to give students small moments of mindfulness during March. ❤


9 thoughts on “SOL #10 Moments of Mindfulness

  1. Terje

    Whole school focusing on mindfulness will bring so needed calm and slow to everyone’s days. Student taking action to spread the idea of mindfulness shows that the idea has taken good roots. I hope the mindfulness carries from school to home.

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    1. Yes! This is our plan! We have required each class to do at least 15 activities of mindfulness this month. So many students have responded positively already. We hope it becomes a part of their mindsets too. 💕


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