Day #13 Why I was Made According to a Third Grader

We were having “Passion Hour” on Friday with my Third Graders. Passion Hour is our adapted version of Genius Hour, which is practically the same thing, but with a different title.

In essence, students get to choose what passion they’d like to explore and research more about it. The goal is for students to come up with their own research question, which should not be answered with a “yes” or “no”, have it approved by me, do the research, and then present it to their classmates in a format of their choosing.

We were in the beginning stages of choosing our research questions, when one of my students jokingly said they wanted to research me! Hah!

My student said, “Let’s research why was Miss Kriegl made?!”

He immediately answered his own question by exclaiming, “I know, TO TEACH!”

His peers all agreeing enthusiastically with shouts of, “YES!” and “Yay!” and “I agree!”

So there you have it friends, the reason I was put on earth, why I was made, why I am alive, is to teach. I wouldn’t have it any other way. 🙂


13 thoughts on “Day #13 Why I was Made According to a Third Grader

  1. thecatharper

    Hello Dear Friend,
    How fortunate your students gave you such a practical view of life, and why you were created. I am here to make humans feel loved. When I purr it calms people.
    Humans would be lost without cats and dogs to love them.
    Harper Lee Hodges


    1. ! Harper,
      I cannot concur with you more, my furry friend! One of my ultimate joys is picking up my cats and holding them close so I can feel them purr. It brings such contentment!
      You are right. I would be a ship without a sail without my animals. (Maybe have Pamela explain what that means to you!)


  2. I love the concepts of Passion Hour and Genius Hour! I am going to have to look into them more. What a wonderful routine for the end of your third graders’ weeks, too. Great slice from your classroom; this shows how important it is to provide structures in which children can have time to explore and nurture their interests.


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