SOL #22 And They made Mine

On the weekend I attended a student’s basketball game at the recreational center. She was beyond-words-excited! Every moment she had, she’d turn and smile at me or wave or give a quick thumbs up. At one point, we even air high-fived (that’s a new thing we do in my class). 🙂

So it was supposed to be one game, about thirty minutes, and then I realized my other students were on another team and my students from last year were on another…let’s just say I ended up being there for about two hours. BUT I LOVED IT.

I LOVE making their day! The smiles on their faces just seeing me there, supporting them. I know it means the world to them.

So on Monday, the student I originally went to see was so thrilled I saw her play during her last basketball game that she brought me a boquet of flowers!

She knew I’d love it, so she made mine too. 🙂Flowers from Devynn.jpg


4 thoughts on “SOL #22 And They made Mine

  1. rosecappelli

    So ice that you were able to connect to your students outside of school. It’s important to let them know how much you care. Beautiful flowers!


  2. What a wonderful slice. You definitely seem to be one of those teachers kids will remember when they get older. You go the extra mile and you can see what a difference it makes. Nice job. 🙂


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