SOL #30 But They are Family Too!

Not only am I wedding venue searching, but I am also apartment searching -both exhausting tasks that really matter in the end, especially for our happiness.

During my search, I had about twenty tabs pulled up – all different apartments in various areas and about 80% of apartments scream, “NO pets!” or “Cats only” or “2 pet limit, sorry not sorry.”

I’m a pretty understanding person, I get it. I know pets can be messy and sometimes destructive, but pets can also be your closest companions. And, under the right care, they can even be very well mannered in home and apartment settings.

That last sentence describes my animals. We have two cats (siblings, a boy and girl: Nami and Graves) and one dog (the Frenchie: Pudge). Sometimes they have what my fiancé and I like to call “the sprinties,” but other than that, they are awesome companions!

They are the friendliest animals I know to other people. They also hardly make a mess!

I’m just disappointed that the search for a place to live with my furry friends is near-to-impossible. Of course I’ve snagged a few places under my wing and contacted them immediately, but I’ve been turned down by so many others.

One place even had the AUDACITY to ask, “We have a two pet policy. Is this a deal breaker for you?”

“ABSOLUTELY. IT DEFINITELY IS!” I practically yelled back.

My polite response back didn’t reflect it, but I sure did feel it!
If it is not a “deal breaker”, then I’m not a good owner, a good family member, a good companion. My animals are my family. They are NOT going anywhere, and neither am I.

And so, the search continues…

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