SOL #14 The Challengers, The Favorites

You can’t say which ones are your favorites, although you know you do-have them, I mean. For me, it’s the tricky ones. The, you can’t figure me out, I’m too tough for you, sneaky-sly ones that get me.

The ones that say, “Want a challenge? I’m here! COME AND GET IT.”

I have one like that this  year. As defiant as they come, as resistant to work as possible.

Yet, somehow, this student has put up bulletin boards, collected school-wide incentive papers, organized library materials, held in-depth book discussions, and most importantly completed subject tasks–on the good days.

So I wanted to write a letter to those Challengers because you are my favorites and you DESERVE it, but when I began, it was a start, but it wasn’t enough. And, because you are so important, friends, I wait to write tomorrow, where my mind is new and my writing is crisp.

Until then…






One thought on “SOL #14 The Challengers, The Favorites

  1. What a good idea…and I appreciated the truth in knowing that often those who challenge us the most are the ones we love the best. My challenger keeps me awake at night with worry sometimes, but I couldn’t do without him.


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