SOL #4 The Right Slice

I kept flipping over my phone, rifling through stories… “It just wasn’t the right moment yet,” I told myself as I set my phone back down. “It’ll come.”

And I carried throughout my day waiting for the it to arrive.

At about 5, I ended up commenting on my students blogs, thrilled that first time slicers were blogging independently! I wondered, “Is this the moment?” And thought, “No, not yet…this one can wait till later.”

Suddenly it was later. My heart started to race, as I flipped over my phone and my eyes met the time..”11:22.” Sigh.

I waited too long for the moment, that great small, slice of life to happen, that the day flew by.

I only with I would have looked about 30 minutes earlier for this slice to come to mind, but maybe if I had, it wouldn’t have been this slice at all.

I’ll just have to settle for Illinois time for today.


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