SOL #5 To All The Truck Drivers

Driving on my way to work I watch as the cars slow down and realize, as I turn to crane my neck, it’s because a giant semi truck is spanning the 4 lanes.

I watch a car squeeze around and notice the truck driver throw up his hands in frustration. I mean, what can he really do?! This is his job.

But then it happens, and I know that in this moment, I can be that annoyed driver stuck in this annoying traffic jam, or…

I watch as the truck driver crosses for lanes, the front end of his truck now completely horizontal and strategically, with ease… and despite all the onlookers and back up traffic filled with “move it!” drivers, backs up into the parking lot. Full audience. All the pressure.

I stop and stare in awe. Immediately I find myself clapping and shouting, “Wow! That was amazing! I’m impressed! I wouldn’t have been able to do that! Go you!”

And although he couldn’t hear me, I hope he felt it despite all those gleaming road rage eyes.

Some of the moments we take for granted, but I’m glad I took time to appreciate this one.

To all the truck drivers out there performing under the biggest pressure (road rangers), I find you amazing and couldn’t do what you do. Just wow.


5 thoughts on “SOL #5 To All The Truck Drivers

  1. Glad you clapped and I hope he noticed – I, too, am amazed at the way those huge things are maneuvered when I still have to calculate carefully in my Ford Focus when I parallel park.


  2. Lisa-Beth Lovero

    I know what you mean- I feel that about the bus drivers when we go on a field trip- and my kiddos were pretty good. I read them the riot act before leaving:) Driving in Chicago with a bus full of screaming kids? Amazing


  3. I wish everyone (myself included) could remember to find the “wow!” in things that on the surface seem to be getting in our way. I hope the truck driver saw you cheering for him! Great slice 🙂


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